Fine Dining with Wine: Atrium Malaysia

Our Malaysian correspondent gets out amongst the gourmands for a wine dinner at Atrium and discovers a whole new experience. There’s plenty of them on all over town. You too can do one next time.Read More

You Can Take The Noir Out Of Pinot

Pinot Noir in its better forms can be the Rolls Royce of wines but she’s a tempramental lady and needs the utmost of care. Herman von Bernhardi takes a closer look at this fine wine. Read More

Reach For The Sky: Eureka Tower, Melbourne

The world’s tallest residential building has landed in the center of Melbourne. FRV checks the site and finds a 92 storey, gold topped, fully functional monolith. Needless to say, it’s made an impact on the city skyline. Read More

Giri Sumantri: Designer-Slash-Businessman

Being responsible for creating some of Jakarta’s most stylish places doesn’t make him a celebrity designer. “I am a businessman,” he introduces himself to me rather humbly, “with taste.” VE HANDOJO notes down his chitchat with Giri Sumantri.Read More

West Pacific Jakarta: A Dose of Heaven

You’re new in Jakarta, you want to try the life here, but the sambal is too hardcore, the traffic is maddening, the culture is from another world, nobody talks about anything interesting, Indonesian Idol is on the air, trashy boybands are worshipped, and in the end it all feels like hell. FRV tells you the secret cure.Read More

A Bejeweled Oasis: Asri Jewel Villas and Spa Jimbaran

New to the bukit and with views over the Indian ocean, Asri Villas and Spa is now open. A dream come true for the owners and a villa complex with the lot; villas, restaurant and spa. It brings the Goa Gong area up a level and is a very solid and complete holiday resort. Read More