FRV Bali is a full content magazine. It’s a guide to the finest restaurants, villas and fashion in Bali, Jakarta and Southeast Asia. It’s a venue to meet the architects, designers and chefs who create the exquisite villas, mouth-watering dishes and high-end fashion garments available locally and in the region. Fashion Restaurants & Villas Travel is a bimonthly magazine that features the latest trends in high-end hospitality services and all the accoutrements that go along with them; including fine dining experiences, wine appreciation, spa escapes, up market shopping, fashion and travel.

Fashion Restaurants and Villas magazine focuses on style, taste, outstanding design and unsurpassed palatability. With choice photographs, alluring feature articles and intriguing biographies and profiles, readers are given the opportunity to browse the refined side of this part of the world. FRV Bali offers the reader a focused and refined vision of the Southeast Asian region and tropical style right now.

FRV Bali magazine is also a guide to the most exclusive restaurants and villas, complete with all pertinent information on the establishments, fashionably laid out in the back of the magazine to offer readers an overview of the fine living available on Bali and the region.

10.000 copies are available for sale and free of charge throughout Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung and all over Thailand. Airports and central city bookstores are where FRV Travel has the main concentration of sales. Geographically, Bali has the highest volume of sales as many locals, expatriates and tourists endeavor to keep up with what is happening in the hospitality world, fashion and travel around the region. Free copies are distributed in Bali, Jakarta and other major cities around Java. Many venue copies of FRV Travel are given FOC to advertiser establishments, major five star hotels and restaurants. Copies are also regularly supplied to approximately 600 luxury villas around Bali putting this magazine into the hands of a high-end group of travellers to the island. Subscription is growing fast and distribution is wide and varied.

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