The Sanchaya Invites Guests to Find Their Why

Published 13 March 2019   

Experienced Somatic Coach, René Roseburg, will offer mindfulness sessions to in-house residents

Continuing their ongoing programme of resident health and wellness experts – including celebrity trainer, Artur Zolkiewicz, and Pilates Specialist, Rosie Gregory – The Sanchaya will welcome qualified mindfulness professional, The Passionist (aka René Roseburg), to complete a residency from 6th – 9th June 2019.

René is an experienced Somatic Coach, having run mindfulness workshops around the world to help people embody new practices and create a body of action, fostering change and transformation. During his time at The Sanchaya, guests are invited to join René to explore mindfulness and ‘Find their Why.’ Somatic coaching takes into account a person as a whole, acknowledging all factors that have shaped the present being and defined the personality and outlook, drawing attention to this in order to determine core values and actualise goals. The optional, complimentary Somatic sessions at The Sanchaya will help guests strengthen their mind, feel more anchored, improve interactions with others, and develop and unwrap potential skills and interests.

On Thursday 6th June, René’s residency will begin with welcome cocktails in the estate’s glass-walled Decanter, enabling guests to interact with The Passionist and learn more about the programme for the weekend. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, René will lead morning Somatic sessions at 10am, enabling participants to truly feel at one with themselves, reconnect with goals, and determine and unlock new skills. Those hoping to spend more one-on-one time with him may do so throughout the weekend, retreating to one of the many serene spaces at the tranquil estate. Afternoon meditation sessions will be led by the estate’s resident yogi, Imron.

“At The Sanchaya, far beyond simply life coaching, we will embrace cognitive conversation techniques. The weekend will offer an extraordinary opportunity to grow together, discover new talents and think outside the box, creating an open field of curiosity, body, mind and soul,” René said.

A haven of understated elegance, The Sanchaya is located less than an hour away from Singapore’s Changi Airport, yet feels worlds apart – the tranquil property is the ideal place to escape the stresses of daily life, offering the potential to reconnect spiritually and become more present. The estate offers an unparalleled guest experience, with award-winning facilities and an ongoing programme of resident experts, who are on hand to share their expertise with resident guests.

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