New cafes spicing up Bali

 New cafes spicing up Bali

There seems to be new cafes and restaurants popping up every month, or even every week, lately as Bali just keeps on getting busier with tourists from all over the world (the Mount Agung stall withstanding) and importantly a growing and affluent local market. All the action is centred around Canggu and Petitenget. Try these five at your earliest.

COFFEE CARTEL | Jl. Lebak Sari 08, Petitenget 
: 8am – 6pm every day | Insta: @coffeecartelbali

Everything about Coffee Cartel feels instantly likable. The muted colors of the chic interior, the ornamental tiles, the sun shining through the industrial windows, all of it just draws you into this stylish boutique coffee house. They built their Instagram fame by making not only pink, but also yellow and hold your hat – black charcoal lattes. On top of that, they do serve super special blends here from Delano coffee roastery from the land down under. The profile was selected by a certified Q grader and who would ever question the Aussie authority on coffee?! Just so you get the almost mythical status of a Q-grader – it’s as if you had a PhD in coffee.

Another ace up coffee cartel’s sleeve to impress you with is stellar food presentation, but especially the big focus on taste.


All the dishes on the menu here are equally Instagrammable as they are flavorful.

The menu splices between naughty and nice with a carefully crafted fusion of Indonesian and western cuisine. From all day breakfasts (we always say yes to Smashed Avo with perfectly poached eggs) to flavoursome lunch options rich in traditional herbs and spices, such as freshly tossed salads, better than you’d expect burgers and healthy takes on Indonesian classics (hello Cauliflower Nasi Goreng!).

What’s a must try? To be honest: everything. But if you should come here for one thing only, it would be their vegan – and yes pink – hotcakes.

Coffee Cartel is just that kind of neighborhood café enjoyable for all. Whether you’re here to capture your pink latte with matching pink smoothie bowl (yes, they do that here too) or to enjoy some quality time with your favorite humans, you’re guaranteed to leave with a belly full of seriously great tasting food.

The café occupies two floors of a tastefully restored building tucked away from the buzz of Jl. Petitenget and has both AC and outdoor sections on each floor.


KOLONI CAFE | Jl. Raya Semat, Canggu
Open: 8am – 10pm every day | Insta: @kolonibali

A great new neighborhood spot for when you don’t want to wait two hours to eat. Koloni started colonizing Bali’s taste buds late last year, but it has already amassed quite a loyal following. It’s easy to see why – the air-conditioned enclosed section of the café features a bright interior with a floor to ceiling glass wall on one side and brick wall dressed in an attractive tropical mural on the other. You can sip on your morning latte surrounded by 2D parrots and palm trees.

The café also features a lovely shaded garden patio for those who don’t mind the heat and want to sip on their lattes under actual 3D palm trees.

Oh yea and then there is the food, the glorious food! Koloni brought a California inspired cuisine to Bali and oh boy, is this culinary marriage perfection! They serve fabulous breakfasts – think the obligatory smoothie bowl (because Canggu: the world capital of the smoothie bowl) and thick spread of smashed avocado on in-house made rye bread.

And then there is the superstar waffles – them alone are the reason to go to Koloni. We can’t choose between the Berry & Carrot Cake golden fluffy squares, so we always order both, the struggle is real.

Lunches here are in the healthy-ish fashion, with colorful salad bowls that look just as visually pleasing to the eye as they are good for your belly. Must tries? Falafel in a Bowl and Halloumi Lentil Salad, you will thank us later. Their finger licking, tantalizing dinners (did someone say killer grilled Salmon and lip-smacking Beetroot pasta?) go best with an impeccable selection of imported wines and you can be sure it’s always wine o’clock at the Koloni’s tropical garden.

Plus they serve an original range of juices, smoothies and other healthy elixirs – try the super-goth black Charcoal lemonade. And because Canggu loves nothing short of exquisite specialty coffee, Koloni came up with their own strong, aromatic blend – 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta. So get caffeneited away! Laptopers welcome.

KYND COMMUNITY | Jl.Petitenget
Open: 6am – 5pm every day | Insta: @kyndcommunity |

This petite plant-based café with its cute pink interior décor has taken Bali by storm.

Who says eating right is boring? Kynd is our kYnd of café! Their community driven ethos and fantastically creative, colorful concoctions resonates with both visitors and expats alike and you will often find the café packed to the roof. There may be a bit of a wait but we can promise it will definitely be worth it. They are like the Willy Wonka of the vegan world – and the offerings taste just as great as they look.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on their signature “Bali vibe” smoothie bowls with lovely customizable greetings cut out of tropical fruits on top and their famous vegan waffles. Kynd also serves delectable grab-and-go gourmet toasts named after famous “Kynd humans”.

The café is also very big on quality coffee – they offer island’s king of the cup, Expat roasters beans.  Pink beetroot lattes dotted with sprinkles around the cup’s edges are also all the rage and they have a range of house-made alternative milks: coconut, almond or soy.

On top of the all-day breakfast offerings, Kynd also features salad bar and juice and smoothie shop. Especially the latter is a must try – their decadent smoothies look enticing enough for you to want to dive into them head first.

The design features a bright pink tropical mural out front, which you’ve probably already seen making the rounds on Instagram, paired with comfy outdoor benches. The air-conditioned section of the café is fitted out with light timber seating, and has an open kitchen – they’ve got nothing to hide at Kynd.

Although small in size, this café has a big charm and a very well thought-out solid vegan menu. This is definitely a new Seminyak hot spot you won’t want to miss!

MATCHA CAFÉ | Jl. Berawa, Canggu
Open: 7.30am -9.30pm every day | Insta: @matchacafebali

Oh those specialty cafés – did you know you can now enjoy an all Matcha dining experience right here in Bali?

You can have it in your latte, smoothie, milkshake, cheesecake, pancakes, you can even have Matcha gnocchi! And you probably should, because Matcha has some really impressive health benefits, and here at Matcha Café they serve the highest quality real deal Matcha powder from Japan.

The all-day breakfast options check all the morning meal boxes and they also have an enticing lunch and dinner menu.

Not to miss here are definitely the Matcha Smoothie Bowl – creamy blend of seasonal tropical fruits with a perfect texture and even better taste. Pair it with the decadent Matcha vegan milkshake, this bad boy has definitely Instagram potential, if you are one of those people, who can’t ever eat without taking a picture of their food first. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, then the Matcha pancakes situation shouldn’t be ignored. And don’t even get us started on the lemon Matcha cheesecake. This smooth and rich slice of paradise with lime custard will be the highlight of your visit to the Matchaland.

And they’ve got plenty of Vegan and gluten-free friendly options too!

The interior design is clean with white color dominating the space and a touch of tropical décor combined with a smitten of Mediterranean influence. The lovely café sits by the Pantai Berawa road surrounded by adjacent rice paddies.

We just liked it all so matcha!

SOULBYTES CAFÉ | Jl. Petitenget 98
Open: 8am- 10pm every day | Insta: @soulbytesbali

If you’d like a dose of a cafe that wasn’t just built to please your Instagram, then this is your kind of food temple. It also happens to be a destination for all the people who really take their espresso seriously and don’t care much about pink lattes.

The café’s ethos is like nowhere else on this island and the menu was designed to match its uniqueness. Soulbytes was built around the idea to encourage people to connect on a deeper level over delectable food and specialty coffee. Each cup is served with an inspirational quote and before your meals arrive, you’ll also get “served” a signature conversation “Soul Card”.

It inspires fun, interesting, unexpected dialogues you probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. Go try, it’s our fave part of the Soulbytes experience.

The café is spacious with high ceilings and a huge fabulously quirky “piece of art” bar dominating the center. It has an elevated interior décor with one wall decorated in an intriguing black & white mural referencing lines from the books of influential literary classics and philosophers.

It brings you back to those times when cafés were for great food, great hangs and great conversations, before giant swaths of the population started going in to take a pic of their smashed avo.

Soulbytes has crafted a tantalizing menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner that are available all-day long. The food here is honest and tastes consistently great, the coffee is strong and smells of caramel. They have their own in-house roastery, so you can be sure you always get the best possible cuppa.  There is also a bakery on the premises and the fluffy croissants here take the crown for the best on the island.

Soulful conversations, good vibes and quality classics with a modern twist paired with possibly the best quality coffee on the island – do we need to say more?

Words & Photos by: Veronika K.

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