LES BASICS BOUTIQUE STORE has all your basic fashion needs covered

Published 19 April 2018   

Jl.Munduk Catu 1, Canggu, Bali
Open: 10am – 9pm daily
Insta: @les.basics

It’s all in the name –  LES.BASICS – they’re are producing quality staple Basics. The team creates simple, comfortable and timeless, basic pieces that can be paired with any of your day to day outfits.

Les Basics Boutique store is a top pick for those perfect denim cut-offs, simple tanks and groovy Tees. It’s a treasure chest full of minimal, time tested pieces. Not only Les Basics designs are effortlessly cool, but they’re also wardrobe staples and can go home with you from your vacation and be worn time and time again.

Les.Basics concept was created by a wander lusted French-Canadian designer Fred, the spirit of her brand and store embodies a never-ending adventure and she wants her pieces to be part of your journeys wherever on the globe you explore.

Basic clothes never go out of style, because you’ll always need that perfect little white tee to go with your favorite denim. The designer says: “It’s really important for me to get the stylish look I am looking for but with the best fabric possible, to make sure the comfort’s there”. She works with a lot of light weight fabrics such as bamboo and rayon.

What makes the company stand out is a sense of community.  They believe in ethical,

sustainable business practices and work closely with Balinese families of talented craftsmen on every single piece. When you buy from LES.BASICS you are buying much more than just a piece of clothing. By buying their brand you make a difference by supporting small families in Bali to grow their own businesses and allow them enjoy their lives a little more day by day.



The designer’s store and life mantra is ‘’The Sunday Life’’. You can see it almost everywhere in her collections. The Sunday Life represents a lot of things, for her it means how she wants to live her life. Enjoying every moment of it and do what makes her happy. The Sunday life is about following your dreams and gut feelings no matter where it brings you… and why Sunday? because for the designer Sunday was always a good day. A day that you are as free as a bird and able to do whatever you want. Sunday means endless possibilities, creativity and freedom.

Do you want that Rock n’Roll swagger? Les.basics just started their own denim line of baggy mom jeans and shorts in a beautiful range of washes and a classic aesthetic and they’re just only getting started. Follow them on Instagram to be in the know. Wait for more styles of other jeans with interesting tweaks. You can expect nothing less from Les.Basics than quality fabric, precision fits and thought-through details.

So scoot down the rollercoaster rice paddy Canggu shortcut to Echo Beach, where you will find this gem of minimal fashion and can join “The Sunday Life” with Le Basics!

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