Unique luxurious private and exclusive apartment in PARIS

 Unique luxurious  private and exclusive apartment in PARIS


Are you searching for a refined, hidden and exclusive location in one of the most exquisite areas of Paris? You wouldn’t find anything better than this truly amazing mansion, or Hôtel Particulier as the French would say, which is a former aristocratic or noble person’s residence.

The living room.

Located near the Place de la Madeleine, this stunning central mansion features some of the most modern, private, and sprawling apartments for rent in the City of Light. Entering for the first time, guests would never guess what lies above in this expansive building.

The terrace and view.

Select from three types of suites: Luxury, Historical, or Signature. Some suites are lofts, and others offer large outdoor areas. Still others boast multiple floors and huge, glassed-in kitchens in which the building’s chef can whip up anything you need, or otherwise just ask the room service, where butlers will fullfil all your wishes in a flash.

The chandelier.

A personal coach, massage therapist or even a personal driver can be provided in case you need to experience either the French way of life or simply the pleasures of relaxing at any time you need in this expansive mansion.


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