Tandjung Sari – 55 Years in the making

Published 01 November 2017   

This is a beautiful short film made in celebration of the 55 years of Tandjung Sari in Sanur, a place of love, friendship and classic Bali style and design.

As matriarch Wija Wawo-Runto is quoted near the end of the video “My hotel is my living room, and my guests are my friends”

This is perhaps the true sentiment of traditional Bali style, service and elegance.

Tandjung Sari, a handmade hotel, grew from visitors coming to dine in the house of the Wawo-Runtos and then building accommodation for them to stay. 55 years later Tandjung Sari still lives and breathes, as Popo Danes says in the movie, as a monument to traditional and elegant Bali architecture and style. Narrated by Diana Darling, the author of the book, Tandjung Sari, a magical door to Bali, the video weaves a story of the by-gone days of languid Sanur from the beginnings of the resort and to what what we have today – thankfully not so much has changed. Click, view and enjoy Tandjung Sari …

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