Stunning Villa of Praslin

Published 30 May 2017   

World renowned for its flora and fauna, beautiful turquoise sea and heavenly beaches, the reputation of The Seychelles is second to none. And among the hundreds of islands that form the archipelago, “Praslin” is the most famous.

Written by: Frédéric Petit

The beautiful pool deck

With the ocean in clear sight and the landscape looking like an oil painting, this magnificent property welcomes you to its oasis of peace and serenity.

Nestled on a small beach, in Praslin, Seychelles, the villa of this sumptuous property opens out onto the sea and transforms itself into your shelter. Here, as the seasons pass by, time stops, nature takes over, and you will forget everything else.

Your villa right on the white sand beach

The luxury bedroom opens to ocean views

Open living room in the tropics

The modern architecture of the villa remains luxurious and discreet. The piece of mind offered by the sleek and classy design is accentuated by the beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. Each room has its own bathroom and terrace, where one can relax or simply admire the amazing views of the ocean and the lush gardens.

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