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Published 28 February 2017   

Bali and quality coffee have had a long prosperous relationship for quite some time now, but did you know that a 4th specialty coffee wave just hit the black gold loving island?

Words & Photos: VERONIKA K.

Expat Coffee Roasters
ADDRESS: Jl. Kaya Cendana 3
INSTA: @expatroasters
OPEN: Every Day 7am-5pm
WEB: www.expatroasters.com

A specialty coffee producer driven by a desire to make an exceptional, unpretentious brew, one cup at a time. A concept built by two Aussie lads, Expat Roasters are driven by a desire to produce an exceptional brew from the ground up.

Expat Roasters definitely bring the next level of sophistication to Bali! The key here is consistency. Come to this little air-con minimal Café and you’ll be wowed every time. You’ll never get mediocre here. Their blend really does taste exceptional – imagine your taste buds being blown away by a less acidic, full bodied taste with hints of caramel and it translates beautifully in milky coffees. Did we tell you about their in-house-made almond milk? Nut milk lovers will go nuts for this beverage – it tastes velvety, has a rich texture and doesn’t separate in the coffee. Another feather in Expat’s hat is the highly coveted Bonsoi soy milk and a range of home made cookies, pastries and oh so fluffy banana bread dressed in single origin espresso butter and honey.

Yes they serve superb specialty coffee here, but Expat’s mission is more ambitious. Award winning barista Shae McNamara – the creative mastermind behind the concept – wants to bring a new level of coffee industry to Indonesia and help train staff.

For the real coffee geeks, we just have to mention the beauty dominating the concrete covered minimal interior. On the center of the cement bench sits a custom designed La Marzocca PB with built in auto brew ratio scales and independent boilers. It is one of the most technically advanced machines on the market, for a coffee aficionado this espresso machine is an equivalent of a fine tuned Ferrari.

Faculty Kitchen x L/S Coffee
ADDRESS: Jl.Petitenget 88x
INSTA: @facultykitchenandbar @lscoffeestudio
OPEN: 7am-10pm Daily

Faculty kitchen brings the farm to table concept to a whole new level. Here every detail matters. The team controls the whole process from working with local organic farmers to impeccable presentation of the final creation landing on your plate. FK created a few signature dishes, using simple, fresh ingredients. They use almond and soy milk in their smoothies, brown sugar to sweeten their legendary pancakes, make their own homemade lemonade and the list doesn’t end there. Try their beautiful deep red Beetroot Gnocchi – it tastes even better than it looks! Citrus Waffle already won accolades introducing a fresh taste with a Kintamani orange zest. They also serve a Green Matcha version that is slightly heavier.

Don’t forget to try their special Sirloin Black Burger – very different to a typical burger. The health oriented crowd will love the Green Shakshuk and their nut milk base smoothies. All the ingredients are sourced as locally and as organically as possible. Inspired by the Australian cafe culture, FK is honest and simple, yet beautifully sophisticated in combining high quality food with high quality design. If you are a coffee & design aficionado you will love everything about this place.


The Coffee Studio dominates the bright, light filled space of Faculty Kitchen and you cannot help but notice the shiny retro espresso machine sitting on top of the tile covered espresso bar.

For L/S Coffee, roasting is a very important part of the process – because without over burning the beans, the taste of the coffee can still develop. Their light, nutty and velvety “Dead by Berries” signature blend will win every coffee snob at first sip.

Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffee
ADDRESS: Jl.Pantai Berawa 34
INSTA: @bootstrapcoldbrew
OPEN: Mon-Sat: 8.30am-6pm
WEB: www.bootstrapbeverages.com

A progressive company established only two years ago by a couple of coffee fanatics, has rapidly grown into the largest producer of cold brew coffee in Bali.

Hand crafted, organic cold brew made locally in small batches. Kintamani origin, Canggu brewed, ice cold, less acidic, more caffeine, no dairy.

It comes served in distinctively branded glass bottles, and is quickly making its way into various outlets all over the island. Their quirky shop on Jl.Berawa has a hipster fit out with refurbished vintage motorbikes and exposed brick walls. If you crave a strong caffeine hit, then opt for the Black Cold Brew. The beverage comes served ice cold on a wooden board with a glass of water and a glass of ice to pour the black gold over. If you like your coffees on the milky side, then go for their White Coffee, mixed with coco milk & nectar, it will definitely win over your taste buds. If you are a travel junkie and miss a quality coffee while exploring, they also stock a miniature 100ml version you can carry on board. An ideal alternative to hot, acidic espresso based coffees, Bootstrap tastes refreshing and provides a strong caffeine hit.

The cold brewing method preserves the coffee flavour, because the beans haven’t been burnt and is also 70% less acidic, which means healthier. Bootstrap tastes perfect in coffee cocktails, and is also great for adding coffee flavour while baking or marinating.

Whale & Co
ADDRESS: Jl. Nakula, Gang Kresna, Unit 3
OPEN: Open: Mon-Sat 8am-7pm | Fri-Sun 8am -3pm
INSTA: @whaleandco

This little, cute, locally owned and operated coffee shop focuses on crafting the best Indonesian coffee and curated specialty coffee with a big focus on quality and consistency.

Their espresso bar is equipped with a state of the art Nuova Simonelli espresso machine. It provides just the right amount of pressure and heat to deliver the perfect espresso and at the same time good steady steam for frothing the milk.

Their base is sourced from a micro roaster to create their signature Whale Blend – mix of Sumatra, Toraja and Bali beans. Whale & Co. also serves single origins that are good for both espresso and espresso based milk coffees.

At their Pour Over Bar they use the V60 brewing method to deliver a tea like coffee with a wide spectrum of flavour and aroma.

Whale&Co collaborates with many coffee roasters on rotation, to feature their work as their weekend specials.

They also offer a well curated selection of nibbles and healthy cakes to complement their unique beverages and a popular all-day breakfast concept, only using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

All in all, this tiny outpost has got an excellent coffee served by friendly baristas. The vibe is unpretentious, and for being a small space, they utilize it well with desk-like tables, plenty of outlets, and free wifi.

Go Fresh
ADDRESS: Jl.Petitenget, Kerobokan
INSTA: @gofresh.life
OPEN: 8am – 7pm Daily
WEB: www.gofresh.life
FACEBOOK: Gofresh.life

Go Fresh’s premium Italian coffee blend, combined with beautiful all day breakfasts and the Grab&Go salad bar landed in the heart of Kerobokan and quickly gained a loyal following. The neighbourhood knows that they always deliver a consistent quality cup, so get there early if you’re planning on getting your caffeine fix before work.

They’ve got a wide range of healthy raw cakes to go with your morning cuppa and to balance it out, don’t forget to grab one of their super fresh cold pressed juices.

They’ve got alkalizing properties and a multitude of other health benefits, plus all of their recipes are well crafted to taste the whole range of fresh fruits and veggies. They are hand made in a small batch, every morning.

Go Fresh also serves crunchy, freshly tossed salads from their popular salad bar. You can choose from a selection they designed or make your own. Their breakfast offerings will kick start your day and keep you fueled for hours – everyone’s fave poached eggs on smashed avo toast, house cured salmon served on a bed of quinoa for gluten free crowd and creamy and refreshing frozen smoothie bowls and do not forget to try the cacao based one!

The space has a nice clean, tropical fit out with bright murals decorating the walls, friendly staff, fast wifi and good vibes all around. A great place for catching up with a friend over a quality cup of coffee or getting some work done. The neighborhood needed this spot!

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