A Renewed Jewel Box at Sofitel Bali

Published 06 March 2017   

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort has revamped their beachfront wedding venue, Jewel Box. Since opening in April 2015, the venue has hosted dreamy wedding receptions, dinners, private cocktail parties and sophisticated company gatherings. The increasing and diverse demand to utilise the venue has inspired the makeover to turn it into an even better wedding and events setting.

The resort worked with Lasvit from Singapore for the ceiling design, which incorporates custom-made crystal glass art installations, matching them to the unique interior of each venue and space. The Jewel Box’s upper space is now adorned with ‘glass couture’ – a new ribbon-shaped chandelier and the upper panel of the floor-to-ceiling windows are accented with floral-fractal motif window screens.

Brides and guests, while sheltered inside the pleasant climate-controlled space, are also treated to incredible Nusa Dua ocean views with the sea and Nusa Penida Island in the distance. The Jewel Box seats up to 80 guests inside. Surrounding the glass Jewel Box are leafy tropical gardens and a stretch of well-manicured lawn where exotic garden receptions can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Through the Jewel Box’s marble entrance, the polished granite flooring enhances the brightness of the interiors. At one side of The Jewel Box’s base is a water feature – water is a highly regarded in Balinese tradition, aptly symbolising life and fertility. Wedding setups are greatly customisable with the expert Magnifique Meetings team at Sofitel Bali offering their highly personalized services, ensuring every detail is perfect and every moment is flawlessly designed.

The ultra-modern venue is located at the eastern beachfront of the luxury resort. The masterfully designed structure features all four walls made from glass that offer clear views to the gardens and sea, creating a sense of lucidity and cohesion.

With the recently added features, the Jewel Box’s elegance and appeal as a prime beachfront wedding venue has just been advanced. Contacted the Magnifique Meetings team at Sofitel Bali on +62 (0)361 849 2888, or email: info@sofitelbalinusadua.com

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