New Buzz In The Bukit

 New Buzz  In The Bukit

Hanging below Bali, the Bukit peninsula unarguably boasts some of the best white stretches of unspoiled beaches and swanky accommodation perched atop steep limestone cliffs, offering grand views, and ideal for watching spectacular sunsets. It also has new funky bars, fancy restaurants and a newly booming café scene. You can unwind or go wild here as little or as much as you want. We scoured the Bukit from the southern-most tip all the way to its gateway of Ungasan to find the best new venues not to be missed.

Words & Photos by: VERONIKA K.


South Bukit, Banjar Kusuma
Direct Airbnb booking or call: +62 812 377 899 17
Insta: @bali_bookit

Opening the front door of Kusuma Cliff Lodge feels like opening the doors to paradise.

This boutique, private and fancy cabin perched right atop the cliff in the southern tip of the Bukit, features a stunning large bedroom with sweeping 180’ views of the Indian Ocean. You wake up and fall asleep to the waves rippling gently into the stunning shoreline below.

The patio and incredible view. 

It has its very own private patio where breakfast of champions gets served every morning on the side with the epic views and a sunny deck equipped with sunbeds, a large umbrella and a hand-woven stylish hammock.

The pristine beaches of the Bukit.

This fabulous hideaway is ideal for honeymooners or couples who want to enjoy the luxurious Bali lifestyle, but don’t seek out the corporate feel of large resorts. Kusuma Cliff Lodge embodies a perfect find for seasoned travelers who want more personalized exclusive style, peppered with unique décor and a whole lot of privacy. You will enjoy this romantic lodge completely undisturbed.

Kusuma is outfitted in tasteful chic boho décor and its minimal design complements its lush tropical surroundings. The spacious bedroom features clean white and muted brown shades and is furnished with large king size bed adorned in flowy mosquito net, vanity unit and a comfy sofa chair. Ensuite airy bathroom smooth stone floor and white planks contrast beautifully with industrial rainfall showerhead.

Breakfast of champions at Kusuma Cliff Lodge.

The tall glass floor to ceiling walls covered in milky white silky curtains dazzlingly take the outdoors in. There is no space in the entire lodge you couldn’t enjoy the phenomenal views from. Unfolding down below you are lush green forests covered steep hills lined with stretches of white sand and turquoise waters. Are you a sunset lover? Couldn’t find a better place either. You’ll get the best seats in the house to the fiery spectacle from the deck, just grab a glass of vino and enjoy the show! The only thing missing are unicorns!

Sunbeds at Kusuma Lodge.

Fancy a little cooling dip in the cacao warm waters? There is a winding staircase right outside your door, leading directly to the secret beach sweeping bellow the rugged cliffs. Chances are high, you’ll have this perfect little slice of paradise just to yourself.

Wow factor of Kusuma Cliff Lodge 10 out of 10!


Jl.Pantai Bingin
Live music every Thursday
Insta: @thecashewtree

This breezy garden café serves healthy nosh with indulgent options as well, plus lip-smacking selections of raw cakes and nourishing beverages. You’ll find all the latest and greatest such as probiotic fermented Kombucha tea in its many incarnations, sparkling water kefir promoting gut health and our current fave champ Jamu, good for pretty much everything. Their generous salad bowls have been the talk of the Bukit and beyond for quite some time and so have been their balanced nourishing breakfasts. They use all organic produce and it translates into the rich taste and freshness of all of their meals.

Breakfast at The Cashew Tree.

Try their new Breakfast Quinoa Bowl with buttery Avocado, stringy Haloumi Cheese, topped with two Eggs poached to perfection. The food at the Cashew Tree is always fun and satisfying.

Now that’s a healthy lunch at The Cashew Tree.

And big whoop – they just emplyed a master barista who’s conjuring up some very serious latte art – get your Instagram fired up!

Jl.Pantai Padang

This gem of a café near one of the most picturesque Bukit beaches – Padang Padang, has a lovely tropical interior and an extensive menu satiating every taste. They offer a mix of good breakfast options for vegetarians – oh the creamy Shakshuka style poached eggs, Vegans – hello, ripe mango filled tacos! And there is also plenty to choose for the gluten-free bunch – did someone say excellent Quinoa brekky patties? Plus you can take your meat loving friend here without getting a constant eye roll. The big meaty breaky with juicy sausage and crispy bacon will satisfy every carnivore and Bukit Café doesn’t end here. They offer a plethora of lunch and dinner offerings too! Think large meat and faux burgers served with hand cut fries, freshly tossed salads and delectable wraps.

Breakfast at the Bukit Cafe

Jungle Patio of the Bukit Cafe

On top of that, they whip up quality espresso based coffees and have fun, logo-branded young coconuts in case you cannot start eating without having a full blown photo session first.


It can’t be said often enough – Bukit does have the most perfect and to some degree still even secluded beaches in Bali.

Iconic Uluwatu cave and Suluban beach.

Visit the big names such as Uluwatu, with its picture-perfect cave and even more perfect waves, Bingin beach and its little cute village built into the cliff overlooking the jewel blue Indian Ocean. Padang Padang – with its small stretch of white sand, brand new facilities, picturesque limestone rocks sticking out of the water and when big swell wakes it up – the gorgeous Padang barrel. Or get swanky and head over to the south side of the peninsula to Karma Kandara, famous beach club straight out of a tropical fairy tale with their private pristine sandy beach and fun vernacular taking you up and down the cliff. They have comfortable bean bags and ice-cold drinks, plus regular movie nights and DJ performances too. Anther notable club is El Kabron for the perfect west coast sunsets. It’s on the cliff overlooking Bingin Beach and has great cocktails and delictable Spanish cuisine. Watch out also for the latest sensation in beach clubs opening in December called Omnia. That’s on the south coast too.


Behind Cashew Tree Cafe.
Insta: @bali_training_center

Want to stay in shape on your holiday or are a good work out loving long time Bali expat? – You’ll fall for the new concept they have created behind The Cashew Tree Café.

Yoga with Lelaini at the Cashew Tree Studio.

The brand-new training center features a spacious semi open structure surrounded by a big emerald green lawn. A variety of classes are on offer ranging from Muay Thai, kickboxing to pilates and popular high intensity interval training.

New Bali Training Center.

After a quick session, you can cuddle insta famous golden retriever Bima (Insta: @Bima_Bingin_Beach_dog) and reward yourself with a filling, tasty breakfast of champions at the adjacent Cashew Tree Café.

Insta: @laninalu11

Located just next door stands a lovely private joglo, set amidst emerald green lush tropical vegetation and blooming Frangipani trees, with a small lily pond and gushing water fountain. You couldn’t find more serene settings for a yoga class. You will unwind and relax, but also get your sweat on with Leilani – one of the most enthusiastic, down to earth and super skilled yogis we know. Move dynamically from one pose to another, synchronized with your breath, sculpt your butt and have a laugh at failed hand stand attempts. Leilani’s yoga class is challenging, with multitude of benefits, but with her hands-on approach it is also a safe practice filled with fun!

Semi-open yoga joglo at the Cashew Tree.


Bukit has hands down the best-quality surf spots of all of Bali. They are also known for being big, hollow and powerful. So if you haven’t graduated from Kuta Beach yet and taming big waves breaking over a shallow sharp reef is not your thing, bring your bikinis and a good book. There is a plethora of coconuts to sip on and sunbeds to get your tan on at every beach of the Bukit.

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