The Mystical Magic of the Central Mountains

Published 02 September 2017   

Central Mountains – the mystical region in the middle of Bali, where the temperatures drop, the lakes glistens in the sun and air smells of spices and coffee grown on the steep fertile slopes. The perfect place for an idyllic weekend getaway offering an escape from busy south Bali.

Written by: VERONIKA K


Hands down the infinity pool with the most phenomenal views in all of Bali!

Serves as a grand base for your Central Mountain’s explorations. The reasons for staying here are countless. They offer top notch service, spacious luxe bungalows perched on top of a working coffee plantation and there is an instaworthy infinity pool with views like no other. When the clouds burn out, you can see the whole verdant valley full of clove trees and as far as the north Bali coast. The staff are more than happy to help you with navigating the region and point you towards what not to miss.

Just a short ride away there are breathtaking vistas overlooking the mystical…


Buyan lake gets often shrouded in clouds, arrive early for the best views.

Sometimes covered in mist and clouds. Do not skip the tour all the way down to the shore, it is eerily quiet and it feels as if time’s stood still there. The only people you bump into are local fishermen harvesting seaweed. It is situated right below the northern rim of the Bedugul Caldera. Following the winding road up the hill, do not miss another photo opportunity. There is a secret swing in the jungle overlooking the lake pit below and you can admire the tranquility of the still lake and its lush tropical surroundings.


Dont forget to bring swimmers, the pool at Banyumala falls is clear and cooling.

Hidden deep within the jungles of a verdant valley, these majestic high twin falls are nothing short of spectacular. They are relatively hard to get to, so the falls still attract very little attention despite their phenomenal location and a pool with fresh cool water you can dip in. Be prepared for a short, but slippery and steep descent into the green verdant valley. Best to wear sturdy shoes and get a local guide who knows this remote area. The sight of this beauty of nature is awe-inspiring as you watch the water rush against the steep cascading rocks. Go on weekdays and you’ll have it just to yourself.


Munduk fall – a big reward for little hiking effort.

Explore the charming colonial village of Munduk driving downhill on steep snaky, winding roads. Munduk fall is just a short walk away through the jungle and the experience very rewarding. This single fall is very powerful and the water comes down with such a force you and your camera will have hard time staying dry.

The spray exploding back into the air is very refreshing in the hot and humid climate. Don’t forget to have an authentic Bali coffee grown on the plantations below Don Biuy Café right in the center of the village. Sweeping views of the clove tree covered valley are served on the side!

The breathtaking Munduk valley glistening in the sun.

There are many, many other spectacular falls hiding in the jungles of Central Mountains. 50meter tall GIT GIT is the most popular, but also the busiest. There are so many in fact, we could just write a solo article on Waterfall hunting in Bali. Ask staff at Munduk Modig plantation for recommendations if you want to explore more.


Aerial view of the largest Botanical Garden in Indonesia.

In Bedugul are the largest of their kind in Indonesia and they serve for both recreation and education. The park comprises of both manicured, preserved areas and remnants of mountainous forest. There is a large Orchid display and one of the largest Begonia collections. Think of Central Park of Bali! This lush tropical playground sits on almost 160 hectares of tropical greenery and on the weekdays, you will have it just about to yourself. This is a place to go for a long hassle and traffic free walk. On a clear day, there are good views of Lake Beratan and up on the hill you’ll also find a picturesque bamboo forest, giant ficus or a fig tree.


The most picturesque Temple of them all, Pura Ulun Danau Beratan.

The iconic temple that adorns the IDR 50.000 bill sits on a tiny island near the shore of Lake Beratan. Even though it is swarming with both local and foreign tourists, it is still very worthy of a visit. Go early in morning to avoid crowds and the experience will be truly unforgettable. It feels utterly surreal seeing the temple emerging from the morning mist, with the glistening quiet lake and lush green mountains towering in the background. Hiring a paddle boat on the lake shore south of the temple is also a good option to take in all of the dreamlike landscape.

Do not skip out on exploring this region; here you can still experience authentic Bali, where small roads lead to untouched villages, the tropical scenery is mixed with the mountainous, gushing waterfalls are plentiful and ancient Hindu temples bedazzle.

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