Mentawai Islands’ Little Slice Of Paradise

 Mentawai Islands’ Little Slice Of Paradise

Legendary Lance’s Right surf spot.

If you look up the definition of paradise, the picture of Hollow Tree’s postcard perfect beach should be right next to it. Imagine tall swaying coconut palm fringed pristine white powdery soft sand glistening in the tropical sun.

Written by: VERONIKA K

Hollow Tree’s resort calls this heavenly location home with the fierce and formidable Lance’s Right surf break right on its doorstep. This beauty of a wave draws in hellmen from all over the world. Threading its barrel is inarguably a highlight of any aspiring surfer’s life, but you don’t have be a tube slaying pro to enjoy this unique place.

Hollow Tree’s offers so much more than just world class surf. If you have a wandering gene, go explore the wide immaculate beaches by foot. Fancy some underwater fun? You can jump into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, just a coconut’s throw away from your tropical bungalow, and go snorkeling. Discovering the abundant, colorful underwater life is like swimming in a tropical aquarium!

Or grab a provided paddle board or kayak and glide through a safe channel to watch the epic action on Lance’s Right. Imagine having VIP seats to the best live surf movie. It is quite a blockbuster, watching intrepid waterman getting barreled on one of the most awe-inspiring waves in the world.

Hollow Tree’s beach front resort.

For seasoned surfers, they offer free of charge charters to the nearby surf breaks on Sipora Island. If you plan on venturing farther, they’ll take you to other legendary breaks, such as Macaronis or Telescopes or anywhere you want to get your surf on for an extra fee day trip. All you have to worry about is bringing your board and HT’s staff make sure you are hydrated, fed and have one heck of a surf session.

The resort also offers an ideal base for honeymooners for its obvious paradise qualities. Popular on the newlyweds itinerary is a super romantic trip to tiny Gilligan’s Island. Snorkeling in its pristine waters, you can find Nemo or swim with turtles, there are countless nooks and crannies for photo opportunities like no other and scrumptious picnic prepared for you in an idyllic setting.

Yoga retreats at the HT’s resort.

When the surf is calm you can grab a harpoon and go spearfishing with Teiki, HT’s co-owner, well-seasoned traveler and a mariner, who sailed twice around the world as a kid with his parents. Together with his partner in life and crime Sina, they will make you feel like you are a part of their family during your stay.

Challenge your bungalow neighbors to a match of table tennis, have a calming massage or play a game of pool. Hang out with others and exchange travel stories on the bar. Catch up on your reading in a hammock snuggled in a treehouse with sweeping views of the Katiet beach or tuck into a cozy beach front gazebo and watch the pumping surf.
Aside from being nestled in a place that just keeps on inspiring you every waking moment, one of the biggest draws of HT’s resort is bringing together top-notch, high-end services combined with community style living. All the meals are served for all the guests on a big open community table and they are happy to cater any kind of dietary requirements. While munching on fresh feasts cooked home style, you’ll get to know your fellow resort dwellers from all walks of life. You can meet a Swiss financier, Aussie hardcore surfer, Brazilian yoga guru or a young family traveling with a one year old, all connecting and sharing fun stories.

Fresh home style cooked feasts.

HT’s mission is to cater to all kinds of needs, whether you visit to tame the waves or just sizzle under the tropical sun.

Courtesy of HT’s – you can also hop on one of their scooters, ready for you to go exploring bucolic and quaint Sipora Island. There are multiple other famous waves and tranquil deserted beaches connected by provisional roads. Drive across the narrowest point in the southern tip of the island and climb up the hill on a dusty winding road. The wow factor view of a thick coconut palm tree grove opens up in front of you with another pristine empty bay on the horizon.

As you descend down to the other side of the island, you’ll find the home of another renowned wave, Lance’s Left. Follow the bumpy road down south and you’ll discover miles of unspoiled empty white beaches washed off by coffee warm waters of turquoise Indian Ocean. The bay looks like a moving postcard and houses empty, mild beach break. Perfect for those frothing to surf, but not quite feeling up to Mentawais’ notoriously razor-sharp reefs, called intimidating names such as “Surgeon’s table”.

Tropical chic bungalows.

There are very few places in the world still offering such opportunities for solitude and untouched wonderland, you’ll have just to yourself.

Getting to Mentawai Islands nestled off the coast of Sumatra remains an adventure in itself, but HT’s have got you covered. No matter from where in the world you’re coming from, you’ll be treated like royalty and be helped every step of the long way with booking and planning. The only means of transport you won’t use getting to paradise, is a train. Many travelers start their journey in Bali, which involves two planes, two car rides and two boats to reach Sipora Island via Padang, Sumatra. You will be more than compensated by the intact nature, world-class surf breaks, crystal clear waters and deafening silence. This is THE place for both adrenaline junkies and those seeking ultimate relaxation.

Come next spring HT’s has another ace up its sleeve – they will roll out popular Yoga retreats. Yoga is meant to be practiced outside and HT’s is surrounded by one heck of a phenomenal outside!


Bosua, South Sipora, Kepulauan Mentawai, West Sumatra 25932, Indonesia

HT’s features adorable white bungalows with minimalist rooms outfitted in tropical décor while providing all the earthly trappings and comforts alongside home-style gourmet cooking served community style.

They provide SUP, kayaks, scooters, snorkeling and spearfishing gear and there is also a volleyball court, table tennis and pool on the premises, complimentary for you to use. They will take you to the nearby surf breaks on two trips free of charge and the resort also organizes surf day trips to Macaronis, Telescopes, 7 Palms, Iceland, Scarecrows & romatic getaway to Giligans Island for beach picnics and snorkeling for additional fees. You can find all the info you need to plan an unforgettable Mentawai experience of a lifetime below:
Insta: @htsresort

Photos: Jean Da Silva
Margarita Salyak
GNG photos

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