Life’s too short to stand still

Published 02 September 2017   

Imagine biking through the Mount Agung landscape.

Introducing Infinity Lifestyle Adventures


As most people who know me are aware I am an adrenaline junkie, the fast pace of the kitchen, the joy of adventure travel and the speed at which I create, operate and debate are the external signs. I mean when my kids go to the beach with me they know they are more likely to end up snorkelling from a speed boat or fishing off a reef than lying about on a beach towel. My passions drive me and I thrive on the thrill but I know too that you can’t burn the candle at both ends forever, and so it was about three years ago that I began to look at my lifestyle and think about the health shift I needed to make that would still see me operating at my optimum yet give me the escape I needed from the hectic pace of a chef’s life. I have always enjoyed jumping onto a bike and just freewheeling out into nature, so back then I booked myself onto a tour with Infinity Mountain Biking and began a journey that has become an adventure of a life time.

The author Will Meyrick biking Mount Bromo.

The Infinity Team are serious professionals, nothing slips by them and each bike is adjusted for the individual rider, right down to kitting out the kids on their own range of bikes and fitting the baby into the baby seat. With rides ranging from the ‘Soft Option’ to ‘Advanced’, Infinity can get you into the most amazing biking experience on the island taking the secret trails that have been developed by the local knowledge of Infinity’s Balinese guides, who are passionate mountain bikers themselves. From ancient palaces through to the most picturesque of villages, to waterfalls and the rugged peaks of Agung and Besakih Mountains, mountain bike riding has never been so satisfying, and if that’s what you are looking for, challenging.

Serene Jatiluwih rice fields.

With a recent expansion, and a whole rack of amazing GIANT brand bikes to share, the opportunity to get some serious terrain under your tracks is now here. While safety is a premium those familiar with the sport of mountain biking know a tumble here or there is a prerequisite for the best of times. With knots, gnarls, drop offs and roots, off-road extreme mountain biking is not for the faint hearted but the adrenaline charged exhilaration of taking off through some incredible mountain forest and literally watching the overhead canopy dissolve into a bucolic blue sky while navigating the twists and turns of rain moistened tracks is like wrestling with the divine.

On lower lands the tracks weave between the emerald rice fields, past farmers tilling their fields under the power of their buffalo’s stomp and squelch, past women returning from market with goods held high on their head and raucous gossip spilling from their smiles, past shorn squads of young lads and plaited haired girls making their way to school. The sense of the villages comes alive as you pass by on a bike, not too fast for a cheering wave and not too noisy for a called out “Hello Mister” to no one in particular. This is a great way to glean a sense of the undiscovered Bali.

A misty Mount Agung landscape.

Cycling works up an appetite and with the first major leg of the ride accomplished riders will be guided into streets leading to markets and local cafes. Steaming strong coffee is served sweet and the market snacks ooze the sticky goodness of rice, palm sugar, fresh coconut. More substantial fare such as Nasi Campur, the rice plate with a bit of everything, or a nasi goreng of mixed fried rice can be enjoyed under the sun, in the shade and at leisure before resuming the ride.

Infinity style their rides so that the final stretch allows for some conversation and camaraderie and cruising to one of the east coast’s rocky beaches or the shores of a mountain lake provides a euphoric drop down from the strenuous stretches of earlier.

If you are not yet at the level of arduousness and stamina that an advance level requires don’t feel left out. Infinity are masters of creating the experiences to suit you, from a real family day out with kids up ahead with the guide to an introduction into the thrills and spills of off-road without the extreme endurance, Infinity will curate your cycling adventure to meet your needs and skill level.

This new venture that is Infinity Lifestyles Adventures will see the development of some seriously special adventures into the heart of Bali and the islands beyond with big adventures that uncover the ancient culture of the Balinese rural villages,of the ancient temples of Java, off road cooking experiences with local guides and freshly picked ingredients. You can chose to spend nights out on a mountain biking excursion or return to your villa by car after a half day of elegant touring; the pos-sibilities are infinite. With tourism becoming a by word for bad traffic and crowds of consumers, taking the mountain bike option to discovery and adventure is literally a breath of fresh air. I cannot recommend it highly enough. What are you waiting for? Let’s go riding.

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