La Dolce Vita

Published 01 March 2017   

It is truly a sweet life when Da Maria and Seminyak’s finest designers come together.

White blouse and printed skirt
Earrings: M Resort, Shoes: Lily Jean
Belt Aslhey Isham, Bracelets: Farah Khan
Sunglasses: Sailors Falls Finery

Polka dot bikini: Sailors Falls Finery
Jacket: Narlaka
Shoes, Sunglasses: M Resort

Red and white poppy dress: Ashley Isham
Hat: M Resort

Sequin Dress: Farah Khan

Red polka dot dress: Ku De Ta

Black dress: Lily Jean
Fur coat: M Resort
Necklace and bracelet: Farah Khan

Pink Top: M Resort
Scarf: Milo
Necklace: Farah Khan

Floral Bikini: Sailors Falls Finery
Sunglasses: Shevoke
Earrings: M Resort
Bracelets: Farah Khan

Pink top, white pants and bag: M Resort
Sunglasses: Loosed Concept
Necklace: Ashley Isham
Earrings: M Resort

Photo Assistant:
Marion Max BaliStarz
Meg Lindsay BaliStarz
Makeup Artist:
Zoe Koritsas BaliStarz
M Resort, Lily Jean, Farah Khan, Sailors Falls Finery, Narlaka, Ashley Isham, Ku De Ta, Shevoke, Loosed Concept.
Da Maria
Jalan Petitenget, Bali.

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