Frockk The Label

 Frockk The Label

Written by: VERONIKA K.

The Frockk aesthetic is based on using only 100% natural, breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk. They favour muted tones in their collections. You’ll find pretty shades of greys, greens, blue, soft pinks, and of course white – and lots of it!

The designer believes fabric is the most important thing in clothing. She chose these textiles because of the feel and longevity they provide. Nothing beats the sensation and wearability of natural fibres. They just feel better! Frockk found that with so many artificial materials out there, this is a real point of difference.

The label creates timeless, flattering and feminine clothing, wearable season after season. Frockk signature styles are not just for holiday wear, they can go home with you from your vacation and be worn, and worn again. It is the label’s philosophy to produce quality, durable pieces you won’t just wear once and put away.

A perfect wardrobe staple for any occasion.

The inspiration for the designs and shapes comes from many places. Watching how women live and their busy lifestyles has resulted in designs that are not just for beach or resort, but also for any event on your social calendar. You’ll find versatile pieces in their range you can rock at weddings, picnics, parties, or just doing the school run.

Frockk also designs all the garments not to be ironed! It makes them a perfect companion for travelers and adventurers.

Their stores also carry beautifully designed accessories – there you can find anything from leather bags, wallets, and shoes that complement the “Frockk look”.

What sets Frockk further apart is their ethical business approach. Their entire line is manufactured in Bali by a talented local group of artisans they like to think of as the Frockk family. Their team of sewers, fabric printers and dyers are all working comfortably from their homes. Families do most of the sewing in their local villages, and there are no factories involved in the production process.

Nothing beats the sensation of wearing natural fiber.

The label’s story began only seven years ago in Sydney and its popularity quickly skyrocketed. They opened three brick and mortar stores in Bali and have Frockk stocked in many boutiques around Australia and over the world.

Frockk is the perfect wardrobe staple for any fashion savvy traveller as it offers comfort and style rolled into one. You can take this beautiful and wearable label with you, wherever you go.

Frockk Bali Locations:

Seminyak: Jl. Cendana
Ubud: Jl Dewi Sita
Canngu: Jl Pantai Berawa

Opening hours: 10 am to 7pm,
7 days a week
– online store coming soon!


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