El Kabron Announces New Door Policy To Enhance Guests’ Overall Experience

Published 10 October 2017   

El Kabron Cliff Club in the Uluwatu area announced yesterday a change to their door policy saying, “we are committed to, and renowned for, providing guests with a memorable experience in luxury surroundings, offering the highest calibre of ambiance, cocktails, champagne, wine and cuisine perfectly suited to the iconic sunsets we are blessed with, from our exclusive location perched on the Uluwatu cliff edge.”

El Kabron is also in the process of upgrade the cliff area adding 50 more seats, a big double bar measuring 10 metres long and a 20 meter pool. Most of which will be finished before Christmas.

As part of this commitment to their guests, they have made some changes to their door policy to enhance their experience. “From today, Monday 9th October, our dining area will be open access throughout the entire day. There will still be a prepayment charge for guests wishing to access other areas of the Cliff Club including the Pool Area and VIP Terrace and Balcony,” a statement said.

Full details to the revised policy are outlined below:

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