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Published 10 February 2017   


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Char Char Bar & Grill is well known for its excellent open air, second-floor dining and its terrace steps overlooking the main street, however, there is something new at the Eats Street restaurant and it’s only available on the ground floor. It’s an entirely different dining experience – Gueridon style.

The Gueridon grill fires up as guests look on

Gueridon in French means a small table, but in culinary terms it refers to a live cooking station. And that’s exactly what you get – your own personal chef cooking your dishes right in front of your table.

After sitting down and choosing from the a la carte menu or special set three-course menu, the small trolley table is wheeled out and the show begins.

In typical Balinesia fashion, the attentive staff are hovering around the table as we read the menu. Balinesia is the holding company in charge of three of the best restaurants on the Seminyak dining strip; Ultimo, Rumours and they are on point again with their third and latest outlet, Char Char Bar & Grill.

Your entire meal is cooked by your personal chef.

We decided what we wanted – the three course set menu that comes in at a very reasonable Rp 250k including a glass of wine. There is a selection of four dishes on each the entrée and mains section, with a choice of two desserts to finish. Since there were four of us we decided to try the lot.

As the drinks arrived – we went for the Cape Discovery Sauvignon Blanc, which was including in the set menu – the chef was in position with his Gueridon table ready to make the entrees.

The Spaghetti Alfredo is cooked in a Parmesan wheel, which is hollowed out, where the hot pasta is tossed, mixing with the cheese and cream sauce. A richer, creamy sauce you couldn’t imagine.
Tom Yum Goong is a classic spicy lemongrass and prawn soup. This was tasty and authentically Thai, with three large prawns in a flavoursome soup.
The Angus Beef Carpaccio features thinly sliced tenderloin fillet, glazed with mirin sake and smoked soy sauce. Anything that has mirin dances off the plate for me and this was no exception.
The classic Chicken Caesar Salad, with the chicken sautéed in Chardonnay was on crispy Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, garlic crouton and parmesan cheese. A classic and fresh to the table.
We all tried a morsel from each dish and everyone agreed this was nothing less than exceptional.

There’s a buzz around the downstairs dining area as the trolleys move from table to table wooing guests with flames periodically jumping from the fry pans, while the chefs busy themselves with cooking everyone’s dishes a la minute. It’s a fun concept and it’s OK to ask the chef anything about the cooking process as they go and the scrumptious dining for the price is simply unbelievable.

While our Gueridon moves back into position, we move onto the mains.

There is plenty of room in the downstairs level of Char Char Bar & Grill.

The Capellini Vongole features stir–fried fresh clams in white wine, basil and chili on a portion of angel hair pasta, which creates a few flames from the frypan as it’s cooked.
The Beef Stroganoff is a large pan seared striploin steak, not sliced, accompanied by capsicum, mushroom, onion and veal juz.
The Chicken Ratatoille is a pan roasted suvee chicken breast accompanied by assorted vegetable ratatouille.
Confit Duck Breast is roasted duck breast served with sautéed créme cabbage and fresh thymered wine orange reduction, which is a total winner and was tender and tasty as can be.

The duck breast is tender and juicy.

Luckily there still room for the desserts. There are two to choose from on the menu; Banana Crepes Suzette and Cherries Jubilee Both are the prefect finish to an excellent meal. However, I have to add, you can’t visit this restaurant without trying their delicious Ice Chandol, a typical Indonesian dessert of shaved iced coconut and fruits.  It’s not actually on the set menu, but it is definitely a must-try dessert at Char Char Bar & Grill.

Banana Crepes Suzette

The Ice Chandol is one of the most popular desserts at Char Char.

The portions of the set menu are a little smaller than the a la carte dishes, but perfect for a three course meal. There is nothing worse than over-eating in the evening and these set menu dishes are perfectly waited and portioned.

The downstairs dining space fits around 30 to 40 people at the tables, with a lounge section to one side and the open kitchen against the back wall. It’s an intimate, air-conditioned space and a visit to try the Gueridon is a delicious change to your usual dining experience.

The Gueridon grill never ceases to amaze.

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