Bali Fashion Trend 2018: Weaving a Contemporary Twist to Ethnic Style

Published 31 May 2017   

The traditional and the contemporary sashayed as a unity on the runway of Bali Fashion Trend 2018 (BFT).

Written by Sahiri Loing

Sexy silhouettes or asymmetrical designs were stylishly emblazoned with local motifs and fabrics, like the ones displayed by Lusi Damai who combines Balinese ikat endek cloth and elegant shades of blue into her dresses, while Elizabeth Njo May Fen—under her brand name, Ketique—perpetuated the trend of double functioning wear: her detachable outer batik kawung top can double as a long skirt.

Held at TS Suites last May 19 – 21, the first Bali Fashion Trend 2018 featured the work of 40 designers such as Ali Charisma, Vera Koraag, Oka Diputra, Fenny Salim, Milo Migliavacca, and Weda Gita. The uniting theme for the event was to infuse a contemporary twist on local patterns, turning them into relatable ready-to-wear outfits, or exquisite dresses fit for the evening. Dwi Iskandar incorporated the colourful woven cloth native to Jembrana (a region of west Bali) to his modern designs that can be worn both day and night. The line is also a collaboration between Iskandar and craftsmen from Jembrana, further acquainting them with the style du jour.

“We want to show that our own designs can be equally as good as foreign brands and designers,” said Iskandar, who is also the Bali region chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC), which organized the event, during the press conference on opening day. “And we have our own strengths that enable us to compete with them.”

A Victorian-inspired elegance by Yon Yulizar

Casually stylish with Ali Charisma getup

Couture ala Oka Diputra

Exquisite headpieces by G. Liem

Evening dresses with an oriental touch

Creme-de-la-edge by Angeliqa Wu

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