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Published 30 November 2016   

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Inspired by island living, Sancerre the label brings the spirit of bohemian wanderlust into your everyday lifestyle.

The creative force behind the concept first designed a wildly successful jewelry line inspired by central France. From there, the brand has since developed into the unique fashion name known for its signature prints and designs.

Sancerre pursues artisan techniques, from hand drawn motives through to manual screen printing and tailoring of all the garments by a family businesses in Indonesia.

575a0598Lily Kartini Dress, Graphite.
A truly beautiful summer dress, this stunning piece is feminine and flirty.

The brand promotes the spirit of freedom, local craftsmanship and the drive for discovery in all that they do. Through their signature styles, prints and designs, they bring the culture of international travel to all the fashionable gypsetters and creative adventurers around the globe.

As a fashion led lifestyle label they hope to empower women with bohemian wanderlust inspired style essentials and motivate them to seek the unknown, the beautiful and the unique through new cultural experiences.

_mg_9886-sLily Kartini Dress, Peach.
Cut from super soft rayon, with printed inserted bust detail.

The inspiration from these global discovery journeys are translated into the style and designs of Sancerre’s collections.

You’ll be wowed by the colorful new collection Paradise Found. Inspired by remote islands and secret beaches, it drew creativeness from the 80’s cult classic Blue Lagoon. Paradise Found embodies innocent femininity with the use of shear cotton, drape and colour.

Indonesian artisans played a large role in the development of the print stories, with traditional weaving motives and tribal etchings. The stunning, diverse landscape of the Indonesian archipelago helped with colour palette decisions.

575a7494Asha Dress, Sasak Coral.
Bohemian off-the-shoulder dress; the perfect party piece.

All the wild adventurers world-over will fall for the Ashley Dress – designed to be the versatile go anywhere dress with its draping hem line and revealing cross strap back, it is a favorite of the range. The feminine Nikki Shirt cut from super soft textured rayon is a must pack essential.

Sancerre currently has three stores in Bali, filled with wearable, wardrobe staples and collectable jewelry inspired by tropical island living.

You can also gear up for your next expedition by shopping online at

Insta: @sancerre_Bali


  1. Hi there,

    I’d like to buy the Sancerre Lily Kartini peach dress with sleeves pictured here in a size 3 if you have it? What is the price to have it sent to Australia?

    Posted by Teresa Barclay on 13 November 17 at 12:38pm [Comment]
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Since their website appears to be down, you could try contacting them on their Facebook page.

    Posted by frvbali on 19 November 17 at 11:11am [Comment]

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