New Man on the Bukit Cliff

Published 31 May 2016   

Paolo Bressani Doldi. Bringing a whole raft of experience to one of Bali’s top sunset locations.

Paolo Bressani Doldi.
Bringing a whole raft of experience to one of Bali’s top sunset locations.

Paolo Bressani Doldi is the new GM at El Kabron Restaurant & Cliff Club on the Bukit, South Bali. The restaurant is famed for glorious sunsets and great Spanish dining and Bressani Doldi has been brought in to make the show even bigger and better. As the sun moves to the west Paolo chats with FRV about what’s next at this special destination restaurant.

Let’s begin by getting the basics, where you are from, why are you here and how long you’ve been in Bali?
I’m Italian, from Milan, and arrived in Bali in 2003 for the first time following an airline stewardess. When I got here she had already fallen in love with some Spanish surfer, famous for hanging around barefoot. So, broken hearted, I fell in love with Bali instead and decided I wanted to move to this island. At that time I was working in the textile/fashion business, but in 2006 I left an established carrier in that industry, sold everything and moved here, and that makes 10 years in Indonesia last May.

What’s been happening in that time?
In the past ten years I had a great experience of three years in Semarang, Java as GM of a garment factory with almost 2000 employees. Back to Bali in 2012 for the pre, soft and grand opening of The Layar Villas in Seminyak, and managed the property until March this year.until that “Kabroncito” Spanish surfer, my best friend in the meantime, proposed to me to work with him at El Kabron. And so here I am. During this 10 years I also found the love of my life, Bintang, a sweet and beautiful Balinese woman, who gave me two beautiful girls and one boy just last month.

You are only new at El Kabron. How does running a restaurant compare with the other managerial experiences you have had?
The operations are different, but the concepts and the basics of setting up working systems are the same. First of all it’s about team work.  David founder/owner and director, Chef Marc Torices and Carlos, the floor manager are running the restaurant already, so the purpose of my arrival is to formalise all procedures in the restaurant and cliff club and fine tune them. El Kabron in fact is a fast growing company that needs a strong management structure in place to achieve all the goals necessary to complete the development plans according to the vision of the shareholders.

What is the vision of the management and shareholders?
Vision. I would say, pursue long term profits in an enjoyable environment for the employees by increasing the levels of customer satisfaction.

And how do you create that customer satisfaction?
A high level of service, food and drinks, according to the outstanding level of the venue, the El Kabron Sunset and the dining experience will take care of the rest.

Who is your ideal El Kabron customer?
They would be international and domestic luxury travellers that like exclusive venues and enjoy fine food, cocktails and champagne in a cozy environment.

What do you think makes a great and everlasting restaurant?
A continued improvement on the venue, cuisine, cocktails and an excellent wine list, and let’s not forget, great service.

We’re lucky living and working in Bali which has such a plethora of quality restaurants. Why do you think the Bali culinary scene is the way it is?
Bali is an international tourist destination and a window to world travellers at a much more affordable level of investment for restaurant owners and chefs compared to Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok or other comparable tourist’s destinations.

So for you, what does El Kabron have going for it?
It’s more than just a restaurant, it’s an outstanding venue, among the top 50 in the world as a sunset club for its location and its 180-degree view of the Indian Ocean. It’s a venue for special events, for private parties or to enjoy a bottle of Dom Perignon with your beloved in front of the best sunset in Bali. I would not have accepted the challenge if it was just a restaurant.

On a scale out of ten of the best destination restaurants on Bali, where do you think El Kabron would sit?
The menu, today I would give a 7, but I’m pretty confident that it will deserve a 9 very soon. In June we will launch a new lunch and dinner menu on which Chef Marc Torices is spending sleepless nights right now. [FRV]

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