Garden of Life

 Garden of Life


The Garden of Life is a Bali-based non-governmental organisation with the vision to preserve the beauty and magic of the island through the creation of a unique and huge eco-monument, consisting of over 400,000 hexagonal solar panels, each with a donor’s name etched within, which will serve as a major tourist attraction and raise awareness of Bali’s environmental and social issues, fund charitable projects, and stand as a sustainable legacy for future generations. This ‘Flower of Life’ is an architectural sculpture based on the principles of Sacred Geometry that unites people from all over the world under the banner of ecological and social responsibility. The Foundation’s Board is comprised of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and leading Balinese figures in the fields of community-based tourism and socio-cultural ecology, and they are supported by a number of Ambassadors that have a common vision and care deeply about the Island of the Gods and its inhabitants.

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