Finding balance at Klub & Spa Borobudur.

Published 30 May 2016   


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Thai Massage Rooms.
Providing a real Thai massage experience.

For many years, the Klub & Spa Borobudur has been known as one of the most prestigious private health clubs in the city. It is the place where many Jakartans go to preserve their youth and pamper their tired bodies, and recently this renowned health club and spa has moved to a new building with a modern look and improved facilities.

As a private health club, it is actually very difficult to join as they are always full. It is becoming one of the most sought after memberships in the city since the facilities here are quite varied ranging from the olympic size swimming pool, 700 metre jogging track, state-of-the-art fitness centre with great trainers and classes (yoga, pilates and more), six outdoor and two indoor tennis courts, to three squash courts, and of course, the spa.

The newly built facility takes the form of a four-storey building featuring the spa, fitness and lounge facilities, private meeting rooms, and even a helipad. It has an elegant ambiance with black and red accents surrounding with warm tones from wooden elements. The treatment rooms are done in a similar design approach and include a few that are dedicated for couples.  Following its popularity in the past, the new facility also has a reflexology lounge that is now equipped with six, great lazy boy chairs and has a soothing aquarium filled with fish.

Known for their Asian healing philosophies, the spa focusses on treatments based on Balinese and Javanese message techniques that include deep tissue massage, to body exfoliating, facial, traditional body scrub to the rejuvenating herbal bath. One of my favourites is the hair cream bath that uses traditional herbs and comes with scalp massage too.

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What is quite new and interesting on their treatment list is the appearance of Japanese shiatsu and Thai massage, something that is quite difficult to fine in Jakarta. What is nice about Thai massage is the fact that you are not only getting the pressure on muscle points, but that it also combines yoga-like stretching movements that helps your whole body’s blood circulation.

Like in Thailand, the treatment room has a mattress on an elevated floor and it was a lady masseur who did the massage. She was amazing! She understands the authentic moves of the massage and managed the pressure well. Within one hour of various stretching positions combined with deep tissue massage, I felt brand new and light like the true meaning of being in a rejuvenate stature.

I have been a big fan of the Klub & Spa Borobudur for many years. From their well-trained masseuses to great trainers and now beautiful new facilities, it is no surprise that many people are still hoping to find a membership here.

The good news is the spa is open to the public so you can come anytime, with appointment of course. And if you are keen to enjoy the rest of these health club facilities, then the only way is to stay at the hotel as a guest. I wish somehow I could be a member so that I can have my weekly Thai massage session. It is that good… [FRV]

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