El Merkat & The New Uluwatu

Published 30 November 2016   

El Merkat is a new restaurant on the Bukit and is set to make the Uluwatu area all the more livable. FRV finds out why.


El Merkat is a new restaurant/café on the Uluwatu Road just before the Pecatu Indah/Dreamland turnoff. It has plenty of pedigree as it is the new food outlet from the El Kabron group. El Kabron of course is the famous destination restaurant not far from this new outlet, perched on the Uluwatu cliffs with with one of the most spectacular sunset views on the island. El Merkat, though, is all about the casual dining!


It’s Sunday morning and we bounce out of bed. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and we decide to take a drive up to the Bukit. Just like everywhere in south Bali the Uluwatu area has exploded in the last few years as resorts, hotels, villas and international and local people alike gravitate to the area. It’s still a wildness in some parts, and most of it is still rural, which gives it a country feel, but it is getting busy and there is change afoot, with new, exciting restaurants offering a tasty choice in international quality, and Canggu eat your heart out, great soul food.
El Merkat is helping to lead the way in this new Uluwatu.


The new eatery is a café style restaurant open from 8am to 11pm every day of the week. There is a spacious outdoor and indoor dining area with an upstairs space ideal for meetings or gatherings of any sort. The décor is very Mediterranean with blue and white-washed colours, and timber finishes. It’s comfortable, cozy and the food is excellent. Only the freshest of produce is used to make a selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Try some tasty variations on regular breakfast dishes like Eggs Benedict and Florentine and then if adventurous move onto the ‘unusual’ breakfast mains like Catalan scrambled eggs, Iberian sunny side up, or Wasabi Katsoubushi Florentine. Just from the names you begin to realise just how a la minute this place is. From there try the Toasts or Terrines with more Spanish sounding names of cured chorizo or Manchego cheese, and then the Bokatas – Mediterranean style sandwiches with a choice of crusty baguette or delightfully herbaceous Focaccia. We tried the fantastic fried chicken mushroom and the jalapeno roast chicken bokata and they were both right on point. Maybe the focaccia wins over the baguette, but I will leave that to you to decide.


This all makes for a perfect lunch and while you are at it, you may as well try some of El Merkat’s homemade ice cream, which is also top quality. There is a growing dining menu with wholesome and simple dishes like raw tuna, salmon and beef carpaccio and tartar dishes, or a choice of tuna, salmon and beef roasted dishes which come with vegetables. They also have some great salads on offer too. And whatever you do, don’t forget to try the Sangria, it’s delicious!


Everything is so wholesome and great quality, and at such a reasonable price that one can imagine all the surfers and others living in the area stopping in for a feed just about every day of the week. El Merkat is not only helping to lead the way in dining in the new Uluwatu but is also giving people a great reason to move down there to live.

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