Dining at the new Dava at Ayana.

Published 30 November 2016   

BALI – Indonesia


Top quality premium steaks are now on the menu at Bali’s latest upmarket grill, Dava Steak & Seafood Restaurant at the Ayana Resort and Spa Bali.

dava-interiorDava Interior

Dava, which was Ayana’s signature fine-dining restaurant since opening in 2004, has now had a mild facelift with new furniture and staff outfits, and they have created a more casual dining atmosphere since reopening a couple of months ago – but of course, with all the trimmings of a five star experience. The idyllic setting on top of a slope overlooking the resort’s 90 hectares of resort gardens and Indian Ocean off in the distance is like a hidden gem awaiting your rediscovery.

How and when to get there?
Outside guests can valet park at the Ayana lobby and catch a tram straight to the restaurant. The ideal time to arrive is around 6pm to catch the sunset and last light at the Martini Bar before the view transforms into darkness and the twinkling lights of Jimbaran below.

What to do on arrival?
Being sunset one of the specialty cocktails are definitely in order. Choose the Nutty Negroni (185k), a mix of gin, Campari, sweet vermouth and served with two slices of jellied orange. Or maybe a Trunyan Old Fashioned (185k) consisting of bourbon, ginger, cinnamon, Kintamani tangerine marmalade and homemade tarumenyan wood bitter, with the glass presented in a striking ceramic skull. Trunyan village in the mountains of Bali is famous for the skulls of their ancestors. This cocktail has a ghostly wow factor for sure. There are eight other tantalising cocktails to choose from on the Dava Signatures menu.

steak-and-lobster-at-dava-bar-grillSteak and lobster on slate stone
Served with baked garlic, garnishings and choice of salts.

Dinner service starts at 7pm.
Stockyard meats from Queensland, Australia are acknowledged to be some of the best cuts of beef you could find anywhere on the planet. Cattle raised free range on outback stretches of virgin pasture guarantees the organic quality of these steaks and Dava has Stockyard’s full range of beef on the list. Red, silver, gold and Kiwami grades are all available, and fed on a diet exclusively designed and managed by Japanese nutritionists. Let me assure you, they are succulent tasty cuts grilled to perfection by the excellent staff of Dava and its head chef, Sebastian Arnold from Germany. The waiting staff too are of the highest caliber knowing every single detail of the menu and helpful at every stage of dish selection with plenty of informative recommendations. Some of the steaks are expensive, there is no doubt of that, but not all. Like a 180gr Gold Striploin Angus 200+ Day Grain Fed will set you back Rp250k or a Red Label Wagyu Rib Eye Marbling 4/5 comes in at the cost of Rp310k, but watch out for the 250gr Kiwami Wagyu Rib Eye Marbling 9+, which is not for the light hearted, at Rp890k. However, you can be sure that this Kiwami steak is the Rolls Royce of marbled delicacies.

250gr-kiwami-wagyu-rib-eye-marbling-9Kiwami Wagyu Rib Eye Marbling

Is there more than steak on the menu?
There sure is! Besides Stockyard steaks there is also a juicy selection of other meats including slow cooked short ribs (220k), Australian lamb chops (340k), boneless chicken (180k) or 380 grams of grain fed T Bone Steak at Rp390k to mention just a few. For the non-carnivores there is also a full list of seafood including lobster, Sea Bass, salmon, scallops and Dover sole – all perfectly grilled like their succulent meat counterparts. There is also a full range of delicious starters, soups and salads to kick things off and a tasty selection of exceptional side dishes and sauces to complement your main dishes.

chocolate-guanaja-souffle-with-chocolate-foam-sprinkling-cocoa-butter-powder-on-topChocolate Guanaja Soufflé, with chocolate foam & sprinkling cocoa butter powder on top.

And in the end.
You should leave room for their delicious desserts. We decided to share a Chocolate Guanaja Soufflé, with chocolate foam & cocoa butter powder, and the well recommended peanut butter parfait with salted caramel sauce and caramilised popcorn ice cream (both Rp90k). We shared the two and both were deliriously good desserts by their genius pastry chef Gilles Delaloy. No kidding, make room for those two – if by chance you have any.

the-dava-open-kitchenThe Dava open kitchen

The new Dava Steak & Seafood Restaurant is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Top notch service, ambiance and cuisine from start to finish guarantees the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or simply a dining experience that just makes life all the more enjoyable.


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