Al Diwan opens in Petitenget

Published 31 May 2016   


Lebanese food is one of the world’s most ancient cuisines and there is an age-old tradition of warm hospitality that exists in Lebanese culture. As the owner of new restaurant Al Diwan says, “In the Arabic world eating is not just to satiate your hunger – it is rather an essential social moment of delicious appetizers, rich appealing tastes and enticing colours! It is healthy, enjoyable and a connecting element which brings people together.” Al Diwan on Jalan Petitenget does offers all of that and more. The restaurant, which opened just last month, is upstairs, above Arturro’s fashion boutique on the busy Seminyak road, and accessed by elevator or stairs. The food is excellent with Lebanese Chef Hassan in charge of the kitchen. The décor is opulent, stylish and welcoming. It’s a modern and chic design with plenty of comfortable seating and chilling AC. The dishes are authentic Lebanese that titillate the palate and are ideal to be shared with family and friends. From the moment you enter Al Diwan you take a journey which will ignite your taste, sight and senses.

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