The Fashion Festival 2015

 The Fashion Festival 2015

FRVBali_TFF 2015

The Fashion Festival Bali 2015 returned with eight full days of programs from 15 to 22 August, and from the first day to the fifth, TFFB held preview events in various prestigious places around Bali, such as Peppers Seminyak, El Kabron, Kilo Kitchen and Prana Spa. The main event was held at The Trans Resort Bali on the final three nights of the event.


The main event had fifteen designers from various countries, namely Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and India. Each designer had a different scope of fashion designs such as the Mona Almansouri from United Arab Emirates who opened the first night. She presented a variety of garments from casual to cocktail and wedding dresses using sequin details which gave the dresses a luxurious feel. Likewise, with Dwitanto Dimas from Indonesia with the label DIMAS, who showed simple but feminine design lines. The collection was dominated by black giving it a luxurious impression.


In addition to women’s clothing, there were also collections of menswear in the show. Zhu Xi from China presented a collection of contemporary menswear, from stylish casual jackets and Bermuda shorts to formal styles combining Keds shoes, giving it an edgy design look. And not only that, there was also a collection from Heads of State Millenery by Chee Sau Fen from Singapore with his female hat designs. The unique and sometimes unexpected shapes characterized the designs. Chee Sau Fen promoted an ecological statement in the relationship between living beings and the natural surroundings in his designs – the raw materials used are not processed using chemical elements and are all handmade.


And there were many more designers showing their wares over the event including Fern, Danjyo Hiyoji, Pleatation, Dragonfly, Katya Kovtunovich, ISIS, Julian Milan, Queenmark, Betty Tran, Fabiola Aisha and Ikat Indonesia.


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