Suki Wooden Sunglasses

Published 30 May 2015   

Words by: Veronika K.
Photos by: Veronika K. & Luvr

Meet Sukma Suki – Queen of Wooden Sunglasses

Tired of all your sunnies looking the same? Do you dream of those ideal elegant, high quality shades with an edge to protect your precious eyes? Then look no further than inventive wooden Suki Sunnies; a progressive label producing state-of-the-art, hand-crafted wooden eyewear. The brand carries the designer’s name and reflects her personality – one of a kind, stylish and loads of character.

FRVBali_SukiSukma Suki enjoying her morning coffee.

Suki hopped across from Surabaya to just feel out Bali. Influenced by its wild exotic nature, she started playing with wood, her favorite natural material. “Bali is a very special place, through the inspiration of this colourful island, the Suki wooden sunglasses concept was formed,” she says. Life under the sun, endless summer and otherworldly fantastic vistas on this magical island have sparked her creativity ever since. “Nature never goes out of style!” says the life-loving designer.

Suki, which means love in Japanese, has certainly crafted very lovable sunnies! She wanted to come up with something different, almost experimental. She envisioned a unique, high quality product for everybody to enjoy and personalise to their own style. “Initially, producing sunglasses from fickle wood was challenging. I was a pioneer back when I first started,” she comments, on how the eyewear was born.

FRVBali_Suki Wooden Sunglasses ColectionThe new collection introducing new designs and types of wood.

She launched her first boutique unisex collection in the tropical Bali paradise in 2012. What started as a bold experiment of a young entrepreneur over the last few years has transformed into an exquisite range of 17 styles. You can now choose from classic and modern designs, all made out of different types of woods. Among other varieties, you can adorn your face with bamboo, zebra wood or teak. All Suki’s pieces have one characteristic in common: they are timeless!

Her collections are influenced by the vast diversity of the Indonesian archipelago, and just like each piece of eyewear, each island is unique. All her styles are inspired by the people of Indonesia and named after Indonesian regions, cities or islands meaning ou can rock Mentawai, Lombok or Jogja. “The natural grain of the wood allows me to design every single pair as a one of a kind original piece,” she explains. Exceptional manufacturing ensures the use of quality fittings, including spring hinges and top-notch, UV rated, polarized, scratch-resistant lenses.

With great attention to detail and a combination of style and timeless elegance, the designer has brought to life an independent line of precision-made eyewear. Suki Sunnies are for strong unconventional individuals, creators of their own universe, for all those who follow the sun. [FRV]

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