Story About a Chinese Lady

 Story About a Chinese Lady

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Museum Kain presents a set of antique batiks clothes from Lasem that are closely related to the life of a Chinese women back then. Lasem, now a small city on the north coast of East Java, was a port city that was heavily influenced by Chinese culture. The city used to be a huge batik production centre in Java, producing distinctive clothes which were dominated in red. On the other side, the set of batik clothes exhibited at Museum Batik tells a story of how a Chinese woman was an important core of her family, very much the centre of it. It consists of six pieces that show spiritual, social, family and matrimonial aspects, as well as the appreciation of beauty. The arrival of this set also makes emphasis on Museum Kain’s exhibition before changing its focus next year. This set is part of Museum Kain’s rotation that will occur every six months.

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