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Published 07 September 2015   




Nunui Bali is a brainchild of the graphic designer Kara and was born out of the influence of her jet-setting gypsy lifestyle. Wandering the globe, splitting her time between California, Bali and Europe, she was inspired to create a clothing line “with personality”.

This up and coming progressive brand represents the perfect marriage of Bali spirit, Californian surf culture and European precision. Step into the innovative world of bright colours, unconventional cuts and top notch materials. Nunui’s where sexy meets down to earth sophistication, and its mission is to make you feel like you are wearing your second skin.


The collection is ever-evolving and the designer’s priority is to find that perfect formula between functionality without compromising the style. As Kara comments: “I field test each piece myself before it gets to production”.

Kara has a signature style combining top quality materials, inspiring designs and versatility, turning all that into functionality driven collections. She first got inspired to start her own label as a result of her active lifestyle. “I can’t stand when my bikini falls off every time I jump in the water or do a duck dive!” And that’s probably where it all started. Hence ultimate reinvented bikinis dominate the first collection. They come in a large variety of styles with intricate, well-thought-out details and a multitude of radiant colour swaths.


The young label recently introduced good, edgy 80s-inspired, metallic, shiny fabrics, guaranteeing everybody finds their perfect match. The most intriguing feature is that all the bikinis are reversible. Each pair allows for up to four combinations, offering great value for the money. Who wouldn’t you want four pieces for a price of one?

Kara’s attention to detail is what has already brought her a tsunami of accolades from “mermaids” all around the globe. The priority of the label is that all pieces fit perfectly. There is nothing that wouldn’t serve a purpose. Kara’s favorite piece are the bikini bottoms with a cleverly hidden, tiny and cute pocket at the back. Ideal for active girls, who want to have spare change post surf session for that young coconut or get that smoothie after a yoga class.

“I’m very grateful for my wonderful team, from production people to friends and many who have helped me to promote my brand.”

To round the collection off, Kara put together sophisticated pieces ideal for both sport and leisure.
You’ll find original sweatshirts with intriguing cut out backs, crooked seams on bright coloured tops, comfy pants featuring low crotch and interesting pocket details with sporty undertones. Here is where Kara’s knack for active wear really begins to shine.

No wonder all the active lifestyle loving women of the world gravitate towards her garments. She cleverly fuses the Cali inspired surfstyle with bright modern graphic prints inspired by Bali. But new Nunui Bali transcends an ephemeral world of fashion. It represents socially conscious business with a purpose. Kara understands that each production has an impact on our environment, and a percentage of each purchase goes to support local charity.

So you can be sure that with every piece of Nunui you buy, you contribute to make a better life for someone in need. As the label progresses, the designer would ideally see her own charity connected to NuNui, as she wants to continue to give back to the local communities.[FRV]

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