La Ramona – Ubud’s Little Secret

Published 02 April 2015   

FRV_Bali_La Ramona

Ubud is all about green-juice fasting, eating raw and getting buzzy with organic kombucha bubbles. Or is it? We spent a night at La Ramona, probably Ubud’s best kept secret, to prove there is life in this no-sin city.

FRV_Bali_La Ramona 1

The indistinct entrance.


Pass the entrance with simple metal shutters and a giant octopus painted above them in the daylight and you’ll never suspect there is a restaurant behind it. La Ramona opens its doors after 5pm and its black corridor sucks all the curious souls in because it looks so non-Ubudian in the very best way. La Ramona smells of rock-n-roll; that charcoal hall wall covered with the musical genres, from your favourites to some you’ve never even heard of. That dim setup, the pirate radio booth in the far corner, and a melancholic platinum blonde behind the bar, shaking her shaker. And despite the classic margarita she’ll pour into your glass a minute after arriving – one of the most honest, strongest margaritas on this island I might add – you notice this place is not just a good little speakeasy.

FRV_Bali_La Ramona 2

It’s hard to tell from first sight, but it’s a foodie heaven. You might have missed the kitchen as it’s a tiny, one-man-show kind of a kitchenette where, chef Joshira works wonders using just the simplest local ingredients.

FRV_Bali_La Ramona 3

Choose from a tasty selection of tapas.


Servings are tapas-style, which means nothing particularly Spanish, just sharing plates. The prices here are very affordable, which makes it easy to order in bulk: grab both bruschettas, with tomato salsa and creamy mushrooms, a steak melting on your lips, crunchy asparagus in that tangy dressing, and then continue with the chef’s recommendations, as his menu is very flexible and always fresh. Finish with another margarita, rubbing shoulders with local artists hanging at the bar. Skip that early yoga class next morning. Come back next night with a huge company of friends as this food deserves sharing with as many people as you can get. And then return on Sunday with your family for an early dinner, because on Sundays kids eat for free. They’ll love both the food and the pirate radio, promise.

La Ramona Tapas Jl Dewi Sita, Ubud, +62-822-3682-8086

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