Hannah hoad

Published 02 December 2015   

Life is a beach for this Bali baby, and who better than someone with a background that suits the style to boot. It’s good karma all the way.


SB: Begin the begin.

HH: My name is Hannah Hoad, but I’ve been called Honey since birth, which stuck with me. I was raised in Bali and often Spain by an Australian mother and Spanish father, who both came from a post-hippy era background, and were lucky enough to live the highlight times of the Spanish Costa del Sol and early Bali stages in the 70s & 80s. Schooled at Bali International School in Sanur, grew up as they ensured with an open-minded education, lots of freedom and a relaxed understanding of life with plenty of change. As one of the consequences I am a native speaker of English, Spanish, Indonesian and French, which I must say, has been unbelievably useful in the hospitality business.

SB: Where did your hospitality influence come from?

HH: My care and concern for others’ wellbeing and comfort has always been a big part of my person and nature. This, plus my ease to adapt to any situation, took me off on a journey of its own. When in Spain, our residence was my grandfather’s holiday home and members club on the Costa del Sol,  ‘Lew Hoad’s Campo de Tenis’, where Lew and wife Jenny spent over 30 years entertaining personal friends such as actors and singers. Every day was a summer Sunday atmosphere. I believe this was my biggest influence and the greatest hospitality school. The club was built on the image of Lew Hoad world tennis champ’s laid back and casual personality, where values were put before profits. It was an oasis of time gone by for anyone who wanted to drop in, to drop out. From there on it was travel: Italy, Belgium, Barcelona, Ibiza, Portugal, Amsterdam to France, where I co-established ‘Le Bagus Bar’ in the south, conceptualized around the Bali lifestyle and still there today! After some years I decided it was time to return to the Island of the God’s, Bali and there I found Karma.

S.B. When you say found Karma, what did Karma find in you?

HH: I think the correct way to put this is rather what we found in each other – Karma to me was it. The same atmosphere and values that I believe in and a love for, simply put, letting go. What Karma found in me was the person to ensure this.

SB: Can you describe the Karma luxury lifestyle?

HH: A home away from home, a world away. A place you check in to check out, where everything is taken care of, pampering guests with a personalized ‘mine host’ approach for a personalized experience. Laid-back barefoot luxury, where surprises always await. Unobtrusive, unpretentious luxury experience all about choice and literally creating your own Karma. Once you arrive at Karma’s magical cliff top kingdom there is no longer a reason to step off it. This small village, rather than resort, has villas built in across the limestone at all different levels. Where stepping out of your villa, onto a cable car ride down 85m of limestone cliff though raw green jungle onto a white sandy beach surrounded by turquoise waters and a beautiful bamboo structure is just a regular day! The best tailored cocktails to fit your mood of the moment, freshly-caught seafood cooked right in front of your eyes, unique DJs with more to music than just beats and all done in nature at its rawest form. This is the life! If you’re looking to let your hair down a bit our bars and tables are strong enough for dancing, as has been proven in all of our resorts.

SB: How long have you been with Karma?

HH: I have now been with the Karma Royal Group for five years, and now oversee the beach clubs. From 2011 until 2013 I lived and breathed Karma Beach Bali, our group flagship and most prized possession. I then went on as part of the opening team for Karma Beach in Fiji and shortly after, opened Gili Meno, just off the coast of Lombok.

SB: Do you have any personal fantasies that you would like to do yourself?

HH: Yes, I have a great idea in mind. Some great things are being done on the island but there is still a lot more that can be offered for the ultimate experience.

SB: What is the latest on Karma Beach Clubs?

HH: Karma Beach will be bringing a taste of Karma to the world with its new offshore pop-up parties scheduled in London, Singapore, St. Tropez, Mykonos and Perth on a yacht! The first of several offshore parties will be scheduled in 2015 for our followers and newcomers to immerse themselves in true Karma style with a little help from the world’s best cocktail mixologists, chefs and DJs working together to bring good Karma to these destinations and beyond.

SB: What’s your philosophy?

HH: Wake up with a smile, and without sounding cliché, do what makes you happy!

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