Warisan Restaurant Has It All

 Warisan Restaurant  Has It All

As the night moves on, frangipani flowers sprinkle the floor of the main outdoor dining area.

Warisan has to be one of the most romantic restaurants in town. It is steeped in dining history, is a great purveyor of Bali style and has a new chef, who has brought a whole new, health-conscious menu to its elegant tables.

Text David Trauts. Photos: Sulthon

It was a Friday evening as we sat down at the open-air, white clothed table with cushioned chairs. The beauty and tranquility of the surroundings of the setting enveloped us like the comfort of long lost friends. A pianist was sitting at a white grand piano playing a little Chopin as wine arrived and we clinked our glasses to celebrate being in such a fine place, and also the end of another working week.

There is a new chef at Warisan, which was the reason I had decided to come to visit on this occasion. Chef Jörg Kocher is from Germany, and has cooked and lived in many parts of the world including long stints in Mallorca, Spain, Salvador in Brazil, many parts of Europe and most recently a year in Singapore. He has quite a colourful and extensive culinary background but the main point he learnt in his travels is to keep his cooking simple and made with the freshest of ingredients. “I always use the freshest of ingredients available,” he tells me when he visits our table, and when I asked him what style of cuisine he would call the new Warisan menu he simply replies, “Fresh cuisine.” So we have that clear.

The new menu has been cut back to a minimum. “In order to keep the menu fresh the menu has to be short. Now we have about 30 dishes on the dinner menu, the same number on the lunch menu, and a specials list where the freshest and most seasonal dishes can be found,” he explained to me.

The outdoor dining area of Warisan has developed into a beautiful space since being renovated a couple of years ago, with frangipani foliage and with the stars above on a clear night, it must be one of the best places to pop a proposal I could imagine. Shame I wasn’t with anyone to pop such a question to, but no problem.

“I think we have the complete package here at Warisan. It is a beautiful romantic space, the dining is exceptional and the service, the music, and the price is all correct,” says the chef. The menu features dishes to match any romantic interlude including fresh salads, soups, pastas, meats and fish, and a delicious array of desserts.

I order the crusted lamb chops from the main menu which comes out on a large circular plate with two entwined racks of lamb encrusted in a paste mix of bread crumbs and spices heated over the lamb. Evenly-spaced fresh vegetables encircle the meat with a dash of sauce. This is a star quality dish with the meat cooked to perfection, but possibly the vegetables were a little under-cooked, but undeniably fresh.
* The recipe is featured on the next page.

We also chose a Warisan salad and a foie gras dish to share, and my dining partner opted for a pasta dish, a lobster ravioli, as the main. As you would expect, all the dishes contained the freshest of ingredients that just burst with fresh organic flavour from the plate.

As the evening moved on and the next Friday night venue beckoned, I couldn’t help but think what a pleasurable evening Warisan offers. This charming restaurant, with its frangipani trees hung with fairy lights and muted elegance, has it all wrapped up in one romantic package; the food, the garden setting, the service, the value for money, and the general ambience combine so well that I left that night feeling Warisan restaurant is just a wonderful Bali experience.

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 38,
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 (0)361-731-175

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