The Ultimate Kobe

Published 02 October 2014   

Text by David Trauts Photos by Sulthon

Buzzing every single night of the week and managing to turn over tables so many times no-one can keep count, Ultimo restaurant in Seminyak is just about to reach a milestone – its unofficial tenth anniversary.

Many restaurateurs must stand out the front of Ultimo and scratch their heads as to how this restaurant manages it. Day in day out, busy like no other. But the answer is quite simple. It comes from hard work, good organization, snappy no-fuss service, some excellent dishes and an elegant space and fun environment, all adding up to a restaurant hard to match probably anywhere in the world. From the welcoming hello, or being seated at the bar waiting for your table, the atmosphere is friendly and warm – and it quickly feels like home.

Ultimo has a great variety of dishes on their extensive menu and a price point that suits every wallet. All the basics of Italian cuisine are there and made in an authentic Italian way. You can see that from how many Italians dine at the restaurant. My favourites are Caprese salad, minestrone soup, carpaccio di salmon, spaghetti – seafood, bolognese or the simple aglio olio e peperoncino. You see I’m a pretty simple guy. They are all long-time winners, but that’s just the beginning. From appetizers and first course to mains and pizzas, Ultimo has a tasty dish for everyone, but while the restaurant has always been famous for their value-for-money dining, there’s also another side to it, possibly a side that not so many are familiar with, and that’s the top end.

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Ultimo’s special Chef’s Recommendation Page bristles with dishes that are sure to make your mouth water. For example the 500 grams of grilled baby lobster [Rp185k] that arrives sliced in halves, grilled to perfection and with an aroma guaranteed to tantalise. Meat also features heavily with a selection of quality cuts ready to be devoured. 180g US wagyu MB 6-7 imperial tenderloin steak [Rp300k], 250g US wagyu MB 8-9 rib striploin steak [Rp350k], are all top quality choices, but now their piece de resistance is a new steak straight from Kobe, Japan. What an amazing piece of meat this is. The steak is imported directly from the Hyōgo prefecture and is the authentic marbled MB 12 variety only found in that Kobe region, and let me assure you it literally melts in your mouth. The 200g Japanese Kobe wagyu steak is priced at Rp450k and is worth every rupiah of its succulence. There is no wonder why people talk so highly of the Kobe beef and now you can try it right on your table at this ‘Eats Street’ institution.

Ten years in the making and still going strong, Ultimo continues raising the bar on quality and customer satisfaction. [Note. Ultimo’s Grand Opening was in May 2005 but softly opened in December 2004]

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