Metis Lounge has been open for only two months and is already the place to relax with an excellent cocktail or wine before dining in the massively popular Metis restaurant, or alternatively, dining in the casual atmosphere of the lounge itself. David Trautz has a quick chat with part owner/manager Said Alem to find out what makes this new Bali chilled out venue a touch above the rest.

What’s the idea behind the new lounge?
The idea was to create a cool chill out place where you have a drink with the opportunity to snack and enjoy good music … especially early evening before clubbing. We also wanted to attract a different crowd who don’t want to spend two hours at a dining table, but prefer a cozier atmosphere.

Tell me about the menu in the lounge, how did that come about? What was the inspiration?
We wanted small portioned, tapa style dishes, so we created a mix between European and Asian small bites, which are easy to eat and share.

What are the highlights of the menu for you?
The Iberico ham platter, the Chinese burger, the Spanish sardines and mussels in a tin. The oysters and caviar are also very popular.

And how has the reaction been from diners so far?
Good … we have had a lot of good feedback. We don’t allow smoking in the restaurant now so guests have to move to the lounge to smoke too.

What entertainment have you got planned over the high season, August and beyond?
We have a DJ every night and Aperochic on Fridays for now. Soon I want to have live music, but not a full band, and also we want to do some wine and food tasting events once a week.

How about the drinks, anything special going on with the cocktail menu?
Yes, new cocktails are all mixed with top brands of spirits like Beluga vodka, Patron Tequila and top champagnes. And we have upgraded the wine list as well with Grand Cru etc.

Is there a VIP section or sofa minimum charge?
Not yet.

What’s the best time to get down there to experience the lounge?
It starts at 4 pm with High Tea and it is open until 2am…so anytime is good.

Hmmm, what happens at High Tea?
We have a few High Tea sets and you can chill, listening to cool music overlooking the garden.

Sounds relaxing and the garden is looking great nowadays.
What time is it best to be at Aperochic on Fridays? 6 to 8pm

Ok, see you there!

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