Indonesian Brand to Showcase Their Collection Internationally at J Summer Fashion Show 2014

 Indonesian Brand to Showcase Their Collection Internationally at J Summer Fashion Show 2014


Indonesia should be proud because Raisa Corina and Sarah Callista through their brand HAY United, will be representing this country at the J Spring Fashion Show 2014 in New York City on June 25. Hot, Active and Young are the three words that symbolize the brand, which is indeed devoted to young women with their active hobbies to look stylish. They will release their latest collection “Panic Station” at this international event which is pioneered by a young woman, Hanoi-born model-entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh. Besides representing Indonesia, HAY United will also be the only brand from Southeast Asia in the show. Jessica was excited to introduce the brand as she hopes to add youthful and colourful elements to the grand and multicultural catwalk.

J Summer Fashion Show 2014 itself is an iconic fashion show with unordinary concept. Why? Because Jessica Minh Anh as the founder, always holds the fashion show in unusual places such as London’s Tower Bridge, Petronas Twin Towers’ Skybridge in Malaysia, the Seine River in Paris, Costa Attantica in Dubai, Grand Canyon Walk in USA, and the latest, Gardens by The Bay’s Skyway in Singapore.

Now she sees New York’s tallest building, One World Trade Center, as her next catwalk. With a height of 1,776 feet, the skyscraper will be officially opened in the end of this year and the J Spring Fashion Show will proudly be held even before the opening officially takes place. The fashion show is going to present fashion designers from ten countries in four continents including Lebanon, India, Peru, Spain, UK, Japan, the Netherlands and Taiwan. The guests will be served with various styles and designs; from the glamorous haute-couture collection, ready-to-wear, to stylish and chic sport wear. The collection will be presented on the 63rd floor at sunset with crystal-clear glass panels surrounding the tower and New York’s famous skyline as a natural backdrop to the phenomenal showcase.

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