Franklin Firdaus

 Franklin Firdaus

The designer behind Franksland and Selene recalls being encapsulated by fashion from a very young age. Franklin would walk six kilometers from his home in Borneo to the local bookshop to buy a copy or two of his favourite fashion magazines with money he had taken from his father. Now based in Bali, Franklin is living in the fashion fast lane and loving every moment of it. I caught up with this creative to talk about his fine artisan jewelry line Selene and the inspiration for his latest collection.


How did you get into the fashion industry?
I was always interested in fashion, my parents used to come to me for styling advice when I was just a kid. My career did not start out in fashion though, in fact I first worked in the mines for BHP Billiton in Borneo as a geologist. In 2000, I started hand-making my own collection from natural resources inspired by my love for different stones.

What is your inspiration behind Selene?
Selene in Greek mythology signifies the goddess of the moon, and I am inspired by a woman’s independence and strength. I am inspired by my mother. Selene is the feminine side of Franklin, it is about pieces that are unique and bring confidence. It is high end, couture-inspired jewelry that you keep forever. Quality and elegance is a very important element of Selene.

Describe the Selene customer
The Selene woman is independent, powerful and strong – she is like Anna Wintour, she is actually like an iPod on constant shuffle mode.

Tell me about the latest collection. What is your favourite piece?
The latest collection is called Hurt and it draws inspiration from nature; everything from rice paddies to the wind and the woods. We shot the campaign in a very holy place and it captured the whole feel of what the collection is about. There is a very natural element to each piece. My favourite is the peanut shell earrings.

You can find various pieces from Franklin’s latest collection in our fashion spread.

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Seminyak, Bali

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