The SKYE Dining Sensation

 The SKYE Dining Sensation

The Sirocco Roof Bar in Bangkok. The Sky Bar at Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The New York Sky Bar in Tokyo. Azure Restaurant’s Slash Sky Bar in Hong Kong. Just some of the most renowned sky bars in Asia, and now Jakarta follows suit with its own – SKYE.

Text: Erza S.T.

Ever since the Tower of Babel man has tried to build tall towers and buildings to show power and prestige. High rise towers are continuing to be built all over the globe, each getting higher than the last, and together with this development, the trend for sky bars and restaurants has also developed – places where we could wine and dine on top of the world.

SKYE is Jakarta’s first modern sky bar and restaurant and is situated at the 56th floor of the BCA Tower near Thamrin. It is the latest brainchild of the Ismaya Group, the renowned developers of Dragon Fly, Blowfish, Social House and many others. The venue occupies a 200sqm space that can fit up to 400 people and comprises a restaurant, lounge and an open-air deck.

SKYE has an elegant design. With the support of Willis Kusuma Architects, it mixes and matches various elements of design; from retro to industrial and reflects a great eclectic ambience. Elements such as parquet flooring, grey mountain stonewall, mirrors, metal clad accents on the ceilings, cow skins, a custom ceramic mural of Bisazza tiles, and retro-inspired furniture combine to make SKYE one of the coolest hangout spots in Jakarta.

SKYE’s eclecticism is also present on the menu. According to Executive Chef Tim Bartholomew, the food concept here is inspired by an ethnic mix of street food and he wants people to be able to share their dishes. This Australian-born chef’s passion for cooking has earned him a reputation in award-winning restaurants across Australia. It was in Sydney where he first highlighted his culinary expertise of Asian and modern Australian-European fusion cuisine and in the process became a phenomenon in the food scene there. Now, Tim brings it to SKYE.

From our several visits so far, we were impressed by a few delectable cuisines. The scattered sushi is like a deconstructed version of itself with colours that ooze freshness and taste. It makes a great appetizer. The braised black angus beef cheek with rawon flavors and celeriac mash has been a constant favourite for its tenderness and flavour. This beautiful modern rendition of East Java’s rawon soup, is brought to a sophisticated level where black angus beef is used as the main protein. However, it is the braised treatment and that stunning celeriac mash that gives this dish the edge.

chef’s passion for cooking has earned him a reputation in award-winning restaurants across Australia.

There are many interesting dishes to be experienced at SKYE including desserts such as pumpkin cheesecake with pumpkin puree and seed brittle and ginger beer sorbet, But one of the must try desserts in this restaurant are the pineapple nachos – imagine salty corn chips half covered in chocolate served with pineapple and marshmallow, cream anglaise, with mint and coriander leaves.
This original desserts will definitely blow your mind with its unique unusual taste but all so addictive.

SKYE is indeed a beautiful modern sky bar that has the Jakarta crowd smitten, but with more attention on food consistency and service there would even be greater reasons to take the express lift skyward .

Menara BCA Level 56
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Tel: +62 21 2358 6996

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