Redefining Chic at Moovina

 Redefining Chic at Moovina

Text by Erza S.T.
Photos by Ramadhan

In the midst of intense competition in the restaurant business in Jakarta, the new kid on the block, Moovina brings a breath of fresh air to the industry. Located in the luxury haven, Plaza Indonesia, Moovina is created with all the wow elements necessary to impress the ever-growing Jakarta market.

Covering 1,000sqm, Moovina is actually a combination of two restaurants; the first, reached from the third floor, is known as Le Jardin, and like its name, it adopts a Parisian-chic greenhouse garden concept with a beautiful landscaped design. The combination of cobblestones and wooden pathways surrounded with lush vegetation and a petite flower shop in the corner c’est magnifique! Philippe Starck’s grey-hued metal and wood chairs complete the look, which was created by the renowned Indonesian designer, Anthony Liu.

Le Jardin is an upscale bistro that serves French Mediterranean cuisine with Asian flare. A few of our favorites there such as blanquette de veau – veal stew in cream sauce and mushroom, served with pilaf rice, and encornet sauté– braised squid in spicy lobster sauce and sweet capsicum, were savoury and very tasty. The Mediterranean tastes are represented through their pasta and pizza selection, one of which in particular we enjoyed very much; the black pizza parma, which uses squid ink to provide the colour.

From the Parisian-chic greenhouse garden ambience, we ventured to Moovina’s second establishment, Mezzanine, through the industrial-looking spiral staircase to the floor above. With a whole different look, Mezzanine’s ambience immediately transports you to an ultra-chic, European-feel, lounge-cum-dining room, with another Indonesian designer, Willis Kusuma, behind the design of this space. In the spacious venue, one can find a stunning bar with mood lighting, a lounge with a gas fireplace, a birdcage-like private dining room and a main dining room with an open kitchen. Strong wood elements here, from the floor up to the furniture and ceiling, somehow provide a vintage touch, which are accentuated by Patricia Urquiola’s crinoline chairs and beautiful Bisazza tiles adorning the floor. Mezzanine is definitely redefining chic with a new level of sophistication.

Mezzanine is definitely redefining chic with a new level of sophistication.

Mezzanine takes its food seriously in that it leans towards the principles of gastronomy. French Chef de Cuisine, Richard Gillet has created a small yet serious French gourmet menu with a special section of Vietnamese grilled dishes to give that Indochinese element, while still keeping it very French.

During our last visit there, our palates danced with joy when they met cabillaud from the Vietnamese Saveur section – black cod fish in spicy chili crust and coriander pesto was cooked to perfection with a stunning taste. The duo de saumon– Norwegian salmon served two ways, makes a great appetizer to start your dining experience. On the other hand, Mezzanine’s most expensive dish, cote de boeuf, which can be shared among two or three people, suffers from inconsistency. It can be promising when served right as it has a beautiful savoury flavour, but this particular offering might not be to your liking if you are looking for a leaner cut of beef.

While still being very new, Moovina has surely made a great addition to Jakarta’s ever growing culinary landscape and together with its sister, Ocha& Bella, Moovina shows that the city’s dining scene is getting more and more exciting.

Plaza Indonesia
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