The Tale of Miyama

 The Tale of Miyama

Text by Erza S.T.
Photos by Ramadhan

Many restaurants come and go in this city, yet a few of them survive to become some of Jakarta’s most respected food institutions. Every now and then, we like to check them out to see whether they still have what it takes to be one of Jakarta’s fine food establishments. Miyama is definitely part of this category.

The tale of Miyama at the Hotel Borobudur Jakarta has been going on for over a decade now. Back in early 2000, Miyama was considered to be one of the top Japanese restaurants in town with its authentic ambience and flavors. But, over the years, (like many restaurants), Miyama has suffered inconsistency in service and food, though, most of the time, we usually have a good experience there.

The client base is made up mostly of adult males that seem to fit the ambience. The presence of strong black colours meets wooden elements and golden accents adds a seriousness and masculine sophistication to the overall feel. It is no surprise that most of the clientele here are mainly business people who come for their corporate affairs.

“Slices of 150 gram grilled US rib eye on sizzling hot black stones will surely satisfy any meat lover.”

The tale of Miyama these days is still continuing but with the arrival of a new character in the story. His name is Tomohiko Omori and he is the new ruler inside Miyama’s kitchen. We were very excited to try the new flavours that this chef is bringing, so we decided to give Miyama a visit. We chose our favourite table by the window facing the beautiful Zen garden. Strong hot ocha tea arrived while classical koto music was playing softly in the background.

The perfect moment continued with the arrival of California maki, which was flavoursome and fresh. Other selections like torikatsu roll sushi and the bizarre yet tasty pizza sushi make quite a good alternative too. On the heavier side, we were really pleased with the chef’s recommendation: jyu jyu steak. Slices of 150 gram grilled US rib eye on sizzling hot black stones that arrived with assorted vegetables will surely satisfy any meat lover, but the steak can also be substituted with seafood to suit certain dietry requirements.

Non meat-eaters can also indulge in Miyama’s hamachi kama teriyaki that comes in a set with appetizer, salad, steamed rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert. The cheek of the hamachi – also known as yellowtail – is grilled to perfection and has a nice roasted flavor. Aside from this special dish, Miyama is also known for its beautiful gindara teriyaki and we were quite happy to find out that it is still as good as we remembered.

For the holy month of Ramadhan, Miyama has created an interesting set menu for those who fast. From sweet snacks like: kolak (sweet compote made with banana stewed in coconut milk and palm sugar), dates and banana teppanyaki; appetizers such as: kani avocado salad and nikudoufu (simmered sliced beef and tofu); to main course dishes such as yaki zakana (grilled cod fish with sea salt), tori katsu roll (deep fried breaded chicken roll with spinach and home-made furai sauce) and sake harasu mioshiru (miso soup with salmon belly slices and vegetables) serves with steamed rice and assorted Japanese pickles. This great halal set menu will definitely fill your hunger after a whole day of fasting.

We say “Oishii!” to Chef Tomohiko Mori’s dishes. This humble and friendly chef has shown us not only a deep understanding of Japanese cooking but also imagination in taste. As one of the classic refinements in the city, Miyama has definitely earned its reputation as (still) being one of the top Japanese food institutions in town.

Miyama Japanese Restaurant
Hotel Borobudur
Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan
Tel: +62 213 805 555

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