The Foodie Affairs at The Grill Jakarta

 The Foodie Affairs at The Grill Jakarta

By Erza S.T.

A food lover like me lives with one important ritual and that ritual is to find new eating-places in town. My ritual so far has brought me some great finds, from casual eateries on the street up to the finest dining in town that serves food in languages that can’t even be pronounced. Every week I dare myself to try new places or existing venues that I haven’t yet visited. On a recent exploration around the Kuningan area, I found newly-built buildings, and of course, new restaurants as well. One of them, comfortably hidden on the mezzanine floor of Lumina Tower is Jakarta’s latest called The Grill.

This new kid on the block is within quite a hidden location inside a food hall called The Nest. I was a bit unsure at first about The Grill, as the idea of finding a fine dining venue behind a so-called food hall was quite hilarious to me. Nevertheless, since I was already there, I thought I might as well give the place a chance.

The Grill like many new restaurants these days is dressed in modern minimalist style with white bricks, open kitchen and strong wooden accents on furniture and floor. Slightly uninspired by it, I decided to check out their menu. Modest yet solid, the menu offers dishes ranging from appetizers (both entrée and salad), a chef’s special to their specialty, the grill menu, and to finish off, dessert. I settled down by ordering one dish from each category to get the overall taste.

Crepes with chicken, mushroom and avocado salsa was how I began to build my appetizer moment followed by roast pumpkin salad with feta cheese, baby spinach, and roast capsicum in balsamic dressing. Pleased with those appetizers, I was actually thrilled by my next dishes, which were BBQ beef ribs from the Chef’s Special section and 250 gram of Margaret River Wagyu beef grade 4 – 5 rib eye marble. I couldn’t be happier with the result. The Grill has an inspiring taste that beats their odd location and setting.

My BBQ beef ribs with Smokey BBQ sauce were luscious and addictive. I believe after being braised for 18 hours, these BBQ ribs are guaranteed to give addiction a new meaning. Forget the cutlery and just use your fingers to enjoy it. Finger licking has never been this good before! Equally remarkable, my Wagyu beef rib eye also arrived with the same excellence. Accompanied by three condiments such as pepperonata, caramelized onion and green peppercorns, this 250-gram beef was perfectly grilled: brown on the surface and a pinkish color inside.

Though the menu has a petite selection, it showcases a great take on the Mod Oz (Modern Australian) food concept. The Grill manager, Arnold Poernomo who is also responsible for all these fantastic dishes understand the epitome of creating Mod Oz cuisines – a concept of combining Mediterranean cuisines and more recently, Middle Eastern as well as Asian cuisines mixed with high-quality Australian and local ingredients. With over a decade of experience in Australia, including prestigious food institutions like Bills in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Arnold has successfully created his own approached to Mod Oz concept.

Lo and behold! A new fine dining contender has arrived to Jakarta. My advice to you is to focus on The Grill’s sinfully delicious menu and just walk through the misfit food hall. It is for the food’s sake only.

The Grill At The Nest FoodHall & Grill
Lumina Tower
The Kuningan Place
Jl. Kuningan Utama Lot 15
South Jakarta
Tel: +62 21 2555 4614

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