Pastis Revived

 Pastis Revived

Text by Erza S.T.
Photos by Ramadhan

When FRV Travel first visited Pastis Kitchen and Bar a couple of years ago, we were quite smitten with its beautiful, white classic colonial ambience. Pastis immediately became the city darling that hosted many ladies-who-lunch with some fun happy hours.

However, with the passing of time, the Pastis that we loved had some inconsistent moments with some extra challenging service and we were unsure about the survival of the place. However, Pastis’ fate was not final at that point and has managed to make a come back with a new management on board. When the Aston Group took over Kuningan Suites Apartment, they also inherited Pastis. They kept the lovely ambience, hired a new chef and a new service team was brought onboard.

It is interesting how the new Chef BJ Pasalbessy decided not to change much on the menu. He instead fixed the taste and made it better. On the appetizer section, we were quite satisfied with the Italian antipasti and Brie salad. The produce that they use is fresh and the dishes use all the right ingredients to whet your appetite.

We jumped immediately to the meat section after the starters and were impressed with the chef’s way of cooking the lamb chops. They arrived with a choice of mashed potatoes, vegetables or rice. You can also choose the sauce to go with it. Allow us to strongly recommend the black pepper sauce; it’s just so finger licking good!

“Pastis immediately became the city darling that hosted many ladies-who-lunch with some fun happy hours.”

Also within the meat section, we tried their 180 gram US beef tenderloin with classic mushroom sauce. Again the chef showed us not only his skills but also his excellent understanding on how to serve the dishes to perfection. Our tenderloin was flawlessly cooked with great presentation too.

Those who love Pastis’ original “Nasi Goreng Ijo” (fried green rice) will be happy to know that, not only it is still one of their signature dishes, but has also improved in taste. It has all the right spices that Indonesian fried rice should have, leaving you with a hint of hotness at the end of your palate. We also would like to give a special mention to Chef’s gnocchi gratinati. If you enjoy freshly made gnocchi with thick and creamy sauce then this dish is definitely not to be missed.

It seems that the re-born Pastis has overcome its previous downward inclination and its polished charm is shining through once again. The tastes have strengthened with more authentic Mediterranean flavours in the cooking, which appear to work better then ever and Pastis Kitchen and Bar looks set to keep the standards up for a long time to come.

Pastis Kitchen and Bar
Aston at Kuningan Suites
Jl. Setiabudi Utara
Tel: +622 1526 0260

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