Mastro Meat Market Jakarta: For Meat Lovers Only!

 Mastro Meat Market Jakarta: For Meat Lovers Only!

Text by Erza S.T.
Photo by Ramadhan

With its ups and down, somehow Jakarta still manages to keep on surprising me with its new additions. The latest addition that I found is a place that will surely excite all meat lovers in town. The name is Mastro Meat Market and they specialize in imported meats. Name your meat and Mastro will most likely have it. Varieties such as Australian beef, certified black angus beef (from both US and Australian stockyards), New Zealand beef, fresh seafood from Japan, Norwegian salmon, Canadian lobster, right through to Australian Wagyu beef pure blood grade 12+ are just some of the highlights in Mastro. Oh, by the way, vegetarians might want to pass this story altogether and move on to the next article.

Nestled in South Jakarta, Mastro Meat Market has been open for nearly a year now. At the beginning, Mastro was purely a market store that sold imported products such as meats, seafoods, spices, cheeses, sauces, beverages and more. However, six months after opening, they started receiving requests from their clientele who wanted to have their meat cooked there. Due to this high demand, Mastro Meat Market has transformed into a both a retail market with a restaurant area to cater to meat lovers.

Thus, Chef Thomas was hired to run the kitchen. During my last visit there, I was very impressed with the variety of meat on offer and it is really top-notch quality. I decided to try their Australian black angus stockyard rib eye (200g) that came with a baked potato and salad. It was nice to see that Chef Thomas understands how to cook meat. My rib eye arrived medium-well with that golden brown edge and pink inside. It was tender, luscious and had the right seasoning without overdoing it, making this a true hero of a dish. Add some sauce of your choice from a selection of mushroom, black pepper, barbecue or teriyaki, if you order seafood. For IDR 45,000, you can choose French fries or mashed potato as your side dish, however I have to say kudos to the baked potato, as it is absolutely delicious.

Any meat lover will be spoiled here, especially since Mastro updates their fresh meat almost everyday; the seafood arrives twice a week. It is also important to know that in this place, the meat arrives chilled and not frozen. Mastro Meat Market has immediately become my favorite place every time I crave red meat. Finally Jakarta has its own proper meat market that keeps the standard with good pricing too. I just hope that they can also make the service as good as the meat and add a dash of friendliness as a side dish.

Mastro Meat Market
Jl. Walter Monginsidi no. 36
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
Tel: +62 21 726 7660

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