Getting Cozy in Piccolo bistro + bar Jakarta

 Getting Cozy in Piccolo bistro + bar Jakarta

FRV Travel visits a new bistro in Mega kuningan that offers a set lunch worth the trip.

Text By Erza S.T.
Photos by Ramadhan

For some office workers, lunch can be considered the highlight of their day and a getaway from the stresses that come with it. Some higher-ranked personnel might go to a fancy restaurant that serves a power lunch menu, some might go to a more regular restaurant, and others don’t even bother to leave the office at all as they bring their own lunch from home. FRV Travel has featured many power lunch venues in Jakarta in the past so we decided to find something different this time around. This is where Piccolo bistro + bar comes into view.

Relatively new in the Mega Kuningan area, where many prestigious offices are situated, Piccolo bistro + bar opened last April in a cosy corner just inside the Bellagio Mansion entrance, and has quite a strategic location only walking distance from most of the offices in the surrounding neighborhood.

Piccolo bistro + bar is a rather eclectic and quirky restaurant. This comes from the modern classic European ambiance with touches of the Middle East and an overall dominance of wooden elements. This all comes together in a quite cozy space which has a charm that makes you want to stay for a long tête-à-tête with your colleagues.

Though Piccolo bistro + bar sounds more like an Italian restaurant, they are not purely Italian. The food here is actually more continental. Some pasta dishes on the selection like ravioli spinach are great, especially if you are vegetarian. It has just the right seasoning and taste. However, some others like linguine salmon, and spaghetti aglio olio pepper were lacking in confidence. On our first visit there, we sampled Piccolo pan-fried John Dory fish and pollo á la Dijon. Both of these dishes came to the table without any trace of moisture at all. We had our eye on the Asian section which was offering some usual suspects (but with a twist), like their green fried rice, but decided to pass.

When we came for the very first time one-week after the opening, it was quite obvious that the chef was still working to get the exact taste of each dish right. So we decided to give it a second incognito visit a month later. We re-ordered the linguine salmon once again, but the chef is still struggling to get it right. Luckily our cheese croquette appetizer was quite a delight and the service seemed to be much improved.

At the moment, they are offering a lunch package, where you order pasta or some other main course and get free a flavoured ice tea and a dessert. We gave that lunch package a try and apparently they only have one dessert on offer, which was melted chocolate served with chocolate ice cream. Somehow, out of two dishes mine had already erupted when it is arrived.

We still have hope for Piccolo bar + bistro to improve, and no doubt they will over time. However, it is a very cozy place for lunch and we must admit, worth the visit.

Piccolo bistro + bar
Bellagio Mansion
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Tel: +62 21 3005 0510

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