Fashion Tendance 2011

 Fashion Tendance 2011

Bali designers show their latest fashion The Laguna Resort

Text: Trauts
Photos: Sulthonn

The annual Fashion Tendance fashion show organized by APPMI Bali (Indonesian Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs Association Bali Chapter) was held in October at The Laguna Resort in Nusa Dua. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Cita Di Alam’, ‘A Taste of Nature’, which brought a more natural and conservationist feel to this year’s collections.

New designer and former model, Cherry Scherzinger, was up first and brought with her a taste directly off the street; a street heavily influenced by trends at present around the world, namely d’squared, but was probably the most viable collection on the catwalk that night. The next designer had the name of D’Label which I found out later was actually a men’s collective effort from the APPMI designers and had a lot of influences from d’squared too, but on this occasion didn’t quite match up to Cherry’s exciting and focused collection.

From that point it was back to APPMI Bali members and the two imports, one from Jakarta, Dejong and the other foreign local resident, Espen Sarlberg.

The designs this year were toned down somewhat in comparison with previous years, which was possibly an effect of this year’s more conservationist theme. Most designers were less flamboyant and appeared to be looking for more practicality than the eccentricity of previous outings. Does this mean a more mature designer group? Or does it mean a less interesting fashion collection? Maybe a bit of both in the end, but at least by being more practical and functional there’s a stronger chance of the fashion being more wearable. And with that, a chance of the designs being more viable at the place where it counts – the cashier.

Many of the garments presented were of the highest quality and design, and we believe that many of the local members of the APPMI are looking towards a greater future. This year the APPMI members involved were; Ali Charisma, Angeliqa Wu, Dwi Iskandar, Eny Ming, Oka Diputra, Putu Aliki, Tude Togog, Tjok Abi, Monika Weber, and Muji Ananta.

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