Decanter Jakarta: A True Winehouse

 Decanter Jakarta: A True Winehouse

“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.” Louis Pasteur.

By Erza S.T.

Louis Pasteur couldn’t have described wine any better than with his famous words. Wine has become an integral part of our lives for better or for worse. Christians say Amen to the blood of Christ with a sip of wine. We pour our hearts out to a dear friend over bottles of the stuff. We even make our first impressions to someone we fancy by having a great wine to accompany a romantic rendezvous. No book can compare to the experience that wine can give you.

However, choosing and getting wine in Jakarta can be quite challenging, though come to think of it, everything is challenging in Jakarta. Thank God there is a wine house named Decanter. It lies in the spot where our parent’s generation used to go during the Big Boy hamburger era on Plaza Kuningan’s ground floor. Decanter is a wine house where we can find, not only a great selection of wines, but also a menu made to accompany the wines.

The “house” concept is perfectly implemented by Decanter and separates this wine house into sections such as the garden terrace, living room, dining room and open kitchen. Their’s is an unusual, yet very organic concept for a wine house and it seems to work well with their mature audience who are exactly what they are aiming for, though the yuppie crowd seems to not mind enjoying Decanter, too.

With their extensive wine list from red to white, old world to new, affordable to 10 million Rupiah’s worth of Louis Roederer Crystal 2002, everything is available here. It could be quite troublesome if you are a neophyte on choosing wine, but since you are in a real wine house then there is nothing to worry about. In Decanter, all the staff are well trained on their wine knowledge and can tell a type of wine just by a sipping it, surely they would be your best assistants for choosing. Furthermore, Decanter’s menu is also made to guide you through your wine. Little notes here and there about the wine will give you an idea on what may fit to your liking. Made to compliment the wine, all the food selections on the menu are handcrafted for that purpose by Indonesian Chef, Johannes Pratiwanggana.

Following Decanter’s concept, I browsed the menu to find a wine that was up to my test. Decanter’s manager offered his assistance and recommended a Torbreck 2007 cuvee juveniles. I couldn’t have been happier with the result as this blend of grenache, mataro and shiraz was so beautiful to drink. Choosing the matching food was just natural after that fantastic wine and I ended up with a Mediterranean selection of souvlaki served on tzatziki, black pepper crested tuna loin with pommery mustard sauce, and penne with green asparagus and sun-dried tomato with garlic and orange flavor.

My verdict: the Chef really knows what he is doing and the result was really outstanding. With such great ambiance, wine, food and services, it would be difficult not to end up as a loyal customer in Decanter. I wonder about the damage to my credit card if I ever ended up as a loyal customer here. This is definitely not an place for the cheap wine lover.

Plaza Kuningan, Menara Utara
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C11-14

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