Arella Jakarta: The Mall Angel

 Arella Jakarta: The Mall Angel

After a stylish, busy day in the fanciest shopping mall, what you need is a stylish place for simple comfort food. Ve Handojo drops by at Arella and reports.

Photos by Ramadhan

Arella, means ‘angel’ in Hebrew, and comes from the people behind the seventeen years of success of Nannini in Plaza Senayan. The woody bistro is envisioned to merge with its neighborhood – an eclectic mix of fashion boutiques in the fanciest shopping mall in town, Plaza Indonesia. With no walls to separate them, Arella interacts with this locale, and becomes the preferred place to rest, relax and refill in the middle of your mall-centric lifestyle.

Sitting to face the escalators means checking out the LV-garnished mall-goers, which is not always appetizing. The batik ornaments that belong to the mall automatically become Arella’s own design element as well. Mannequins from the surrounding boutique’s showcases become a background to add the volume in Arella’s environment. Every external influence is captured inside a frame of dark-coloured wood and black.

The menu boasts a wide range of comfort food from pasta to oriental delights. Its strength comes from the hassle-free presentation without any pretension. You know what you are going to get. The clam chowder is predictably creamy with a nice ting from the white wine reduction. It comes with a simple yet elegant thin slice of crouton. The Arella onion soup in infused with truffle oil.

The name seavocado salad already suggests the whole idea. Inside the half-cut avocado is a mix of seafood. Scoop it, then quickly combine with the greens to neutralize the strong taste, and get a fiesta of freshness. This salad is a good bridge to poulet rosty, one of the main courses. Half baby chicken is roasted, then served with grilled baby potatoes and pumpkin. Add black pepper as you wish to bring the taste alive.

Beef mountain lava is a best seller, thanks to its theatrical presentation. Stewed beef is piled on top of mashed potato, showered with red wine sauce, then torched. The beef is made tender, delicious, and warm to chew – a top-notch climax of a dinner. Wrap the whole set with the preferred dessert, sticky toffee pudding. The warm toffee sponge cake is bathed in extra hot toffee sauce, and comes with a dollop of ice cream.

Arella’s Asian menu extends to Vietnamese pho bo, Chinatown beef, Shanghai drunken prawns, Sulawesi spicy chicken, Gulai ribs, and much more. With more selection, Arella is strengthening its position as the most comfortable choice to rest your feet and designer bags.

Plaza Indonesia, 2nd floor.
Tel: +62 21 2992 3650

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  • I had the best Caesar salad, sirloin steak and choco lava in town. The service was great and the food was very satisfying since the beginning. Loooved all the meal .. very very excellent food, service and style!

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