Karma Spa at Karma Kandara

 Karma Spa at Karma Kandara

The new Karma Kandara Resort features one of the most breathtaking spa locations in Bali. FRV visits for treatment that is truly out of this world.

Text by Rachel Love

“You can start your day with a sleep-in, and a healthy breakfast of special detox juices; you can do yoga or pilates at 11 am – as opposed to 6 am – and then drink Martini’s by night, while enjoying a manicure and an oxygen facial,” says Judy Chapman, curator of Karma Spas worldwide. She is talking about the new four night/five day ‘Manicure & Martini Retreat’ at Karma Kandara, which is tailored for those who seek a getaway that is both healthy and decadent. “So it is really about blending the luxurious lifestyle of Karma Kandara with some wellness and fitness components, but without taking on anything too rigorous, unless of course, you want to.”

This very much fits the concept of a boutique resort rather than a dedicated heath resort, yet with health and fitness programmes led by international sports personalities, star make-up artists and celebrity healers, the revolutionary and transformative treatments at Karma Spa are enough to lure even the most committed wellness aficionados.

Perched in blissful seclusion on the top of Bali’s southernmost cliff face, Karma Spa at Karma Kandara will greet you with a kiss of serenity. Here, amid the rocky splendour of Bali’s Bukit peninsula, the spirit and purity of the extraordinary and stunning landscape will soak into your bones.

First you might like to sample the infrared sauna, which is blessed with an intoxicating view of the vast Indian Ocean. This relatively new and totally safe concept in saunas – only recently introduced to Bali – works by emitting infrared radiation similar to the heat from the sun, but without the harmful ultraviolet rays. The advantage of the infrared radiation is that it heats the skin directly without warming the air, resulting in deeper tissue penetration. The health-giving properties, meanwhile, are extraordinary, allowing us to activate the sweat glands and eliminate toxins, while also increasing circulation, boosting the immune system, rejuvenating skin cells, promoting weight loss and improving general wellbeing. After 40 minutes you’ll be ready to dive out of the sauna and into the alfresco, sunken Jacuzzi tub that literally overhangs the cliff; it’s okay to go naked, no one’s watching!

The spa shacks and healing huts at Karma Spa enjoy the same awesome view, offering the wonders of a ‘Crown Chakra Sensation’, the invigoration of a ‘Sea Salt & Kelp Body Scrub, or the twists and turns of an ‘Intuitive Balinese Massage’, accompanied by the hypnotic mantra of the waves as they dance on the beach below.

‘Spiritual Encounters’ on the spa menu include ‘Reiki Soul Cleansing’, an ancient healing art and science, which balances the body’s energy on a physical, mental and emotional level. Facilitated by a Balinese Reiki Master who is sought after for his healing abilities, energy is moved through blockages or any areas of weakness caused by both physical and mental toxins, and pressure will be applied to various parts of your body in order to increase the blood flow. This completely holistic experience will improve circulation, reduce stress and tension, alleviate tiredness and aching muscles, release pain and restore order to your body’s vital energy.

Finally, check out the world-class ‘Intraceutical’s Oxygen Infusion’, which delivers therapeutic grade oxygen, combined with rejuvenating serums, to stimulate regeneration of new cells – reportedly what Eva Longoria and Madonna do prior to their performances to keep their skin plump and dewy.

A perfect happy ending!

Tel: 62 361 848 2200

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