Being a Meat Lover in Rustique Jakarta

 Being a Meat Lover in Rustique Jakarta

Rustique Grill & Wine proves that Jakarta is still pretty much a meat-loving city. The worshipping of red meat still continues and there is no sign of it letting up. Welcome to Rustique; a restaurant where they treat and serve red meat as an art form.

Text by Erza S.T.

Located inside Plaza Senayan’s newly renovated wing; Rustique specialises in dry-aged beef, which is hung for approximately 21 to 28 days to achieve a natural tenderizing process. It also helps to enhance the flavors. This intimately designed but spacious bistro is an elegant dining area with a touch of the surreal. A huge capsule-shaped bar is the centrepiece with rustic art all over and seven extravagant romanstyle mirrors placed on the black-colored brick walls. Above, mock vine branches hang from the ceiling overseeing a state of the art, open planned kitchen.

On a recent visit, the 500g rib eye on the bone, grass-fed Australian steak, which is the signature dish at Rustique, was nothing less than stunning. It is a prime quality cut of luscious and tender meat with juices oozing as we cut the meat slice by slice. At Rustique they also know how to present this fantastic meat. When we asked for medium cooked, it arrived just that; medium, red-centred and tender to perfection. Their grade 9, grain-fed Blackmore Wagyu, another favorite on their menu, is also undeniably the best money can buy.

However, Rustique is not only about dry-aged beef. They also have quite an appetizing selection from starters to desserts. The Mediterranean Grilled Seafood Salad is a standout on the entrée list. The very best of sea produce such as baby octopus, scallops, king prawns and squid are tossed with rocket, endives, beetroot, baby spinach, sun-dried tomato, poached pear in citrus, orange and dill emulsion. This dish is simply a great way to start building your appetite towards the main event. For Indonesians who enjoy the accompaniment of rice with their meal they can find salvation in Rustique’s Paella. It is a traditional Spanish, baked saffron rice with seafood dish such as scallops, prawns, baby lobster, clam mixed with shredded chicken and vegetables, which is baked in a rich wine and tomato broth. The taste is exceptionally good, however this dish comes in large; enough to be shared between four persons.

Your eating experience in Rustique won’t be done to perfection if you miss out on their fantastic tiramisu. It is undeniably the best tiramisu in town. Accompany that with a cappuccino then your lunch or dinner is complete.

To our surprise, all this excellence on the menu arrives from the creative hands of Indonesian Chef, Fany Hermawan. This veteran chef who graduated from big name establishments such as Zampelis Co, Waterfront and No.3 Station Pier in Melbourne, has expanded his experience enormously while living in Australia. Growing up and spending almost his entire life in the land down under, Chef Fany appreciates high standards and always works towards perfection. This is explicitly shown in his menu and the food presented.

With such excellent elements; food, design and ambience, Rustique has great credentials and is one of the best steak house restaurants in town. It’s now perfectly fine to be a meat lover in Jakarta, and you now know, not only where to get the best quality, dry-aged beef, but a whole varied and delicious menu to go with it too.

Rustique Grill & Wine
Plaza Senayan Level P4 #413
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta 10270
Tel: +62 21 5785 2760

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