Ultimo Sanjaya Recipe

Published 01 August 2008   

Chef Sanjaya from Ultimo has made a name for himself in Bali over the last two years, helping to take the Jalan Laksmana restaurant to the top of the popularity scales. What’s his secret? We can possibly find out right now with four of his favorite recipes.

Salmon Tartar

80g Fresh Salmon
20g Avocado Fruit
10ml Mirin Sake
1/2ml Dill
5ml L&P Sauce
Olive Oil
Cut salmon into dice shapes and then mix all ingredients
Avocado Sauce:
1pc Avocado
1g Dill
2g Shallots
1tsp Parmesan Cheese
Blend all the ingredients

Tri Colore Pasta

I. Linguini Pomodoro
25g Linguini Pasta
10g Chopped Onion
30ml Tomato Sauce
1/2g Basil
Put all ingredients in a hot pan and cook, then add the pasta.
II. Pene Formagi
25g Pene Pasta
250ml Cream
10g Gorgonzolla Cheese
10g Parmigiano Regiano Cheese
10g Emental Cheese
10g Mozzarrela Cheese
Put all ingredients (cheese) in a hot pan, cook and stir till it becomes a thick sauce then put add the pasta.
III. Fusili Pesto
25g Fusili Pasta
20g Basil
10g Garlic
10g Pine nut
10g Parmigiano Regiano Cheese
Put all ingredients (pesto sauce) in a hot pan, mix then add the pasta. Serve all three pastas on the same plate.

Vitello Rosini alla Ultimo

150g Veal Loin
50g Goose Liver
5tbsp Olive oil
Fry the veal loin and goose liver until medium cooked.
Sauted Spinach:
10g English Spinach
Olive oil
Heat the pan with the olive oil and then gently sautee the spinach until softened
Red Wine Sauce:
250ml Italian Red Wine
2g Black Pepper
Put the wine in a saucepan on a low heat and simmer for 10 minutes


10ml Creamidor
10g Gelatin
20g Raspberries
10g Sugar
Heat the gelatin until melted and then add the creamidor, raspberries and sugar

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